WTF: Funniest Police Checkpoint Video Ever (VIDEO)

This video of a riff between a police officer and a passenger went viral today. The convo will make you laugh out loud.

Nigerian police checkpoints have always been seen as points of bribery (Not true in all cases) by most Nigerian drivers who are on transit. This video depicts a scene of questioning by the police officer who was on duty at the said checkpoint. Though his face could be clearly seen, his name tag however was fortunately not clear which could have led to some social media calling out by Nigerians which is a common trend these days.

The driver seems to have hidden a camera close to himself noticing the manner of the interrogation from the police officer at the checkpoint. Watch the video below to hear the conversation that took place between the driver and the Police officer.

This video is just for fun though….it was shared on twitter.

Ike Ani: @ Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.