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Dead man on throne

WTF! Dead Man Sits On Throne With A Crown During Funeral (PHOTOS)

People in the 21st century have no limit to how they do crappy stuffs all in the name of trends.  A goric photo of...
Rapper Drake sues Layla Lae

Drake Sues Layla Lace Over Rape, Fake Pregnancy Claims

It seems lawsuit filing  is the fun spree in the Music Industry lately.  Rapper Drake has filed a lawsuit against Layla Lace for her claims on...
The Weekend and Daft Punk gets sued for stealing Starboy

Daft Punk And The Weekend Gets Sued For Stealing ‘Starboy’

The Weekend's hit track 'starboy' which is a huge rip-off has gotten him sued alongside Daft Punk.  Another Artiste is claiming that 'The Weekend'...