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10 World Highest Paying In-Demand Government Jobs

Here are probably the most lucrative government jobs, the majority of which are additionally in extreme interest as indicated by the Workplace of Faculty The board (OPM). Additionally, see beneath for probably the most reduced paying central government jobs.



service technician jobs Canada 2019

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1. Auditor

Auditors perform point by point monetary and execution reviews of government organizations, their temporary workers, and of grantees, for example, labs, colleges, and state and nearby governments. Fundamental for guaranteeing that all arms of an office work in consistence with administering guidelines and arrangements, auditors carefully report upon their insightful procedure, their discoveries, and their suggestions for restorative activity.

Pay: Auditors who are enlisted at the GS 11-13 level for the most part procure between $61,218 to $113,428 every year dependent on level of duty and area.

Job Requirements: Instructive requirements normally incorporate a four-year degree with a noteworthy or fixation in bookkeeping. Higher evaluations regularly require an alumni graduate degree or Ph.D.

2. Chemist

There is a solid government interest for both inorganic and natural chemists, especially for jobs with general wellbeing and ecological security organizations. Chemists lead subjective and quantitative substance examinations and research center investigations to distinguish compound contaminants in nourishment supplies or the earth and to help quality affirmation programs. There are likewise open doors for chemists explicitly prepared in measurable research to work for organizations like the Mystery Administration.

Pay: Chemists who are contracted at the GS 14-15 level for the most part gain at any rate $106,815.

Job Requirements: Instructive requirements normally incorporate a propelled degree in chemistry or a degree in a related field with generous coursework in chemistry.

3. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are employed basically by the U.S. Armed force Corps of Engineers. They perform engineering obligations in arranging, structuring, and regulating development and upkeep of structures, offices, and foundations for both civil works and army bases. Solid possibility for these jobs are adroit in civil engineering regions including evaluating and earthwork structure, geotechnical and water driven engineering, dam development, and cement and steel plan.

Pay: Civil engineers contracted at the GS 13-G14 level for the most part procure from $88,704 to $104,821.

Job Requirements: Instructive requirements regularly incorporate a lone wolf’s or propelled qualification in engineering with huge coursework in civil engineering.

4. Computer Scientist

There are a few energizing profession roads for computer scientists inside government. As an IT star, you may be called upon to configuration, create and test frameworks level programming for military or aviation applications, encouraging programming engineering life cycles, creating quality control forms, and assessing the specialized unwavering quality of key frameworks. Or then again, you may be approached to change programming advancement lifecycle procedures to Spry, make forefront cybersecurity conventions, or add to the structure of logical programming and application arrangements.

Pay: Computer Scientists procured at GS 12-14 for the most part acquire a normal of $79,411-$103,106.

Job Requirements: Instructive requirements commonly incorporate a four year certification in computer science or four year certification with at any rate 30 semester hours in a mix of arithmetic, measurements, and computer science.

5. Air Traffic Controller

While most air traffic controllers are enlisted by the Government Flight Organization, they can likewise discover work with the Division of the Air Power’s Air Power Materiel Direction, Air National Watchman Units, and the Air Instruction and Preparing Order. Entrusted with guaranteeing the sheltered and quick entry of air traffic, they should have a solid order of radar and interchanges gear as they manage departures and arrivals, recommend courses, impart climate and air soundness information to pilots, keep aircraft appropriately isolated, and control traffic on the ground.

Pay: The middle yearly pay for air traffic controllers was $124,540 in May 2017. The most minimal 10 percent earned under $67,440, and the most noteworthy 10 percent earned more than $175,800.

Job Requirements: An up-and-comer must have either three years of continuously dependable work involvement, a four year college education, a blend of post auxiliary instruction and work experience totaling three years, or acquire a degree through a Government Flying Organization (FAA)- affirmed Air Traffic University Preparing Activity (AT-CTI) program.

6. Economist

Economists perform both subjective and quantitative investigations of financial and creation information so as to assess monetary conditions and patterns, track advertise execution and inconsistencies, and create administrative techniques and approaches. Knowledgeable in the utilization of SAS and other measurable programming to control complex informational indexes, they should likewise have the option to adequately impart their discoveries to different venture partners so as to define suitable activity plans, figure the effect of proposed activities, and control undertaking expenses and hazard presentation.

Pay: Economists working for the government by and large win $81,518 to $134,781 at the GS 12-15 level.

Job Requirements: Instructive requirements commonly incorporate a four year certification with huge coursework in financial aspects, arithmetic, and measurements. Numerous competitors have an ace’s or doctoral certificate in a related order.

7. Nurse

There are well more than 150 dynamic job openings for prepared nurses keen on working for the Branch of Veterans Affairs. Nurses skillfully triage new patients, evaluating quiet medical issues, starting nursing care designs, and keeping up therapeutic records. They additionally give quiet training on wellbeing rehearses, illness anticipation, and wellbeing upkeep.

Pay: Nurses working for the government for the most part acquire from $70,752 – $82,680 at the GS 11-12 level.

Job Requirements: Instructive requirements regularly incorporate ownership of a certificate, partner qualification, four year college education, or graduate degree from a certify proficient nursing training program, just as passing the nursing authorizing test.

8. Human Resources Specialist

Human resources (HR) specialists enhance the government’s huge scale enrollment and situation procedures to guarantee satisfactory staffing levels. They get ready job declarations, use computerized ability procurement frameworks, produce job referral records, and installed government job applicants. They frequently handle undertakings identified with worker relations, pay and advantages, and preparing; inside the government framework, they additionally encourage merit advancement methodology and confirm that every single human asset principles and guidelines are carefully watched.

Some human resources specialists center around one of these capacities while others are prepared in numerous HR disciplines.

Pay: Human resources specialists at the GS 12-14 levels can gain from $79,411 to $117,736.

Job Requirements: Instructive requirements regularly incorporate a four year college education with coursework in human resources, business, and brain science. Accreditations in territories of HR from expert gatherings are esteemed by businesses.

9. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers can discover well-repaid work with the U.S. Armed force Corps of Engineers, the Branch of Protection, the Divisions of the Military and the Air Power, and the Branch of the Inside. They assess and remediate execution issues in mechanical frameworks, including testing frameworks and building destinations for consistence with administrative requirements. They likewise supervise the establishment, task, upkeep, and repair of hardware, for example, brought together warmth, gas, water, vitality, and steam frameworks.

Pay: Mechanical engineers at the GS 12-14 levels can procure from $83,541 to $113,929.

Job Requirements: Instructive requirements ordinarily incorporate a four year college education in engineering with a focus in mechanical engineering. Confirmations in explicit parts of engineering are in some cases required by offices.

10. Physician

Physicians working for the government are regularly procured at the GS14-15 level with pay rates of $103,395 and more noteworthy. Government physicians frequently have practical experience in some part of medicinal consideration, for example, psychiatry, crisis, careful, cardiology, hematology, and oncology. Like nurses, they are procured principally by the Division of Veterans Affairs.

Physicians must acquire a degree at a licensed therapeutic school and get board affirmations in zones of specific practice.

Low-Paying Government Jobs

Not all government jobs are well-redressed. Places that don’t require an abnormal state of aptitudes, similar to coming up next, are regularly evaluated at the GS 1-4 levels with pay of $20,000 — $31,000: ranger service professionals, sustenance administration aides, social administrations colleagues, postal activities aides, instructive helpers, library experts, housekeeping associates, tyke and youth program collaborators, and assessment looking at representatives.

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JOBS: Client Service Executive Needed At Canada – Insurance |APPLY NOW

A client service executive is needed at Canada-Insurance company . If you are qualified, you can go ahead and read the requirements below and apply as fast as possible.




Document controller jobs in UAE

A client service executive is needed at Canada-Insurance company . If you are qualified, you can go ahead and read the requirements below and apply as fast as possible.

• Market Leadership: creates sales strategies and plan for the Senior Client Partners review and for its incorporation into the broader client strategy and plan.
• Relationship Management: executes and manages the account plan under the guidance of the Client Partner. Invests time in strengthening existing client relationships. Participates in reviews and provides educated and relevant perspectives
• Business Development: responds to and deliver on client requests; responds to RFP?s. Identifies opportunities, makes proactive proposals to client in line with account strategy. Obtains the approvals to pursue opportunities. Engage the relevant team for solutions.
• In collaboration with Insurance vertical team and or other horizontals:
• Proactively propose/recommend solutions that are aligned with business priorities, receive buy-in and are delivered effectively and efficiently.
• Identify short-term change initiatives (?quick wins?) in close cooperation with business and technology leadership, in order to help bolster long term partnership
• Responsible for the day-to-day management of overall relationships in his/her area, program risks, issues, conflicts, priorities, communications ensuring the delivery of new capabilities.

The individual needs to have had a strong pedigree of managing similar relationships and having grown them in previous roles.
• Drive net new revenue and profitable growth of the account relationship.
• Review the performance metrics of the account with the delivery, operations and finance teams on regular basis.
• Be part of senior management reviews for the performance metrics of the account relationship.
• Collaborate with multiple service lines, innovation teams and business teams in Cognizant to formulate a business plan and execute it for the account relationship.
• Respond to and deliver on client requests; responds to large RFP?s by working with Senior Client Partner and other service line leads.
• Identifies opportunities, makes proactive proposals to client in line with account strategy. Obtains the approvals to pursue opportunities. Engage the relevant team for solutions.
• Have regular meetings and interface with the customer decision makers and influencers.
• Be responsible for execution and customer satisfaction in all the revenue portfolios within the account.
• Identify and forge partnerships and tap into existing alliance partnerships of Cognizant to grow the account.
• Develop strong working relationships with senior leaders across all LoBs for the client
• Assist the Cognizant teams to penetrate and diversify sources of revenue with the client
• Ability to bring together Insurance domain knowledge to create and propose solutions in both business & technology

In Addition, The Qualified Candidate Should Possess The Following
• Past experience managing a client P&L of at least $10+ million dollars, including reporting and metric assessment for the account.
• A minimum of 10-12 years of experience in a client facing role or account leadership role in the IT professional services or management consulting firm with 5-8 yrs in Insurance industry ((Life, Annuities, Property & Casualty, Group, Retirement) preferred.
• Experience with account management/selling in the local Market in Canada
• Understanding and thought leadership in technology, services and business trends their direct and indirect impacts on the outcomes of the customer and our organization
• A strong performance track record of managing different portfolios-ranging from sales, new sales, programs and managing existing business and their profitability.
• A strong relationship oriented bent of mind, demonstrated capabilities in building and sustaining CxO-1 relationships and below.
• Experience of leading diverse teams, experience of cultivating and collaborating in a multi-cultural environment
• Must be able to navigate a large organization, work in a multi-dimensional matrix and have the power of persuasion through content and confidence
• Knowledge of value articulation principals include client ROI and appropriate storyboarding techniques.
• Knowledge of Client context and client engagement guidelines including organizational sensitivities to consistently look for new solutions.
• Bachelors or Master’s Degree.

Preferred Insurance Domain Skills
• The candidate must bring in experience, insight, and credibility across all LoBs in Insurance domain ? Life & Annuities, Property & Casualty, Core, Retail and Insurance Operations.
• Life & Annuities ? Should have a solid understanding of all functions and processes, from distribution to claims. Should possess knowledge of solutions for L & A, Group and Retirement markets.
• Property & Casualty – Should be able to understand and recommend P&C solutions covering everything from distribution through underwriting relevant to client needs.
• Insurance Industry expertise in Underwriting Policy Administration and Claims preferred along with Technical depth with knowledge of RPA, Analytics, AI, Business Transformation Models, and Security
• Strong domain knowledge including but not limited to Underwriting, Claims, Retirement and expertise in executing Digital themes in Insurance domain.
• Able to sell, mode of work in agile or scaled-agile framework and delivering business value on a continuous basis.
• Business process transformation experience focused on customer experience, simple solutions, and automation/efficiency
• Should be able to conceptualize, analyze, create blueprint for business transformations and present solutions in the insurance domain including systems modernization, conversion, and integrations.
• Candidates must have a proven record of building and maintaining long-term relationships at senior / CXO-1 levels and below. They must be comfortable presenting to senior executives, and senior business and technology leaders, and must be persuasive and influential.

Technical Skills

SNo Primary Skill Proficiency Level Rqrd./Dsrd.

1 Account Management Skills NA Required

2 OIPA Architecture PL4 Required

3 Psft- Project Portfolio Mgmt PL4 Required
• Proficiency Legends

Proficiency Level Generic Reference

PL1 The associate has basic awareness and comprehension of the skill and is in the process of acquiring this skill through various channels.

PL2 The associate possesses working knowledge of the skill, and can actively and independently apply this skill in engagements and projects.

PL3 The associate has comprehensive, in-depth and specialized knowledge of the skill. She / he has extensively demonstrated successful application of the skill in engagements or projects.

PL4 The associate can function as a subject matter expert for this skill. The associate is capable of analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing solutions using the skill.

Employee Status: Full Time Employee


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Queen’s University: Student Support Assistant Needed | APPLY NOW

The Queen’s University is the Canadian research intensive university with a transformative student learning experience.




Queen's university Jobs 2019 2020

The Queen’s University is the Canadian research intensive university with a transformative student learning experience. At Queen’s university, the employment experience is as diverse as it is interesting. They have lots of opportunities in multiple areas of globally recognized research, faculty administration, engineering & construction, athletics & recreation, power generation, corporate shared services, and many more.

Qualified candidates are advised to apply now.

Salary Per Year: $167,000


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NAIJA JOBS: Account Trainee Needed At Genesis Group | APPLY NOW

An account trainee is urgently needed in Port Harcourt. If you are qualified, you can go ahead and apply while the offer lasts.




Account trainee jobs in Nigeria

An account trainee is urgently needed in Port Harcourt. If you are qualified, you can go ahead and apply while the offer lasts. Below are some details of the organisation ‘Gensis Group’ which is seeking an account trainee.

Genesis is a wholly Nigerian owned group with business interests in hotels, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls, real estate development, catering and snack foods. Genesis has its corporate head office in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. For twenty five years, they have provided ‘exceptional products and services’ to multinationals, local corporations and the Nigerian public.

Account Trainee Summary:

Job Description
• The trainee program is made available for candidates interested in building a career in Accounting/Finance.

• Minimum of second class lower (2;2) in Accounting or related field.
• Applicant must be in or have completed skill grade of ICAN.

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: clearly indicating the “Job Title” as subject of your mail.

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