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CANADA JOBS:Full Time Evening Crew At Mcdonald’s Restaurant

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CANADA JOBS:Full Time Evening Crew At Mcdonald’s Restaurant

How about flexible hours that let you do your thing, whatever your thing is. The opportunity to grow. Professionally, personally and financially. How about the chance to be part of a company that’s primarily run by independent business owners and that’s active in your community. That’s helped more than 300,000 Canadian families with sick kids through Ronald McDonald House. If that sounds good to you, then we’d love to hear from you.


You are trustworthy and have trust in others. You find joy in the details and believe good quality is what keeps guests coming back. You remain cool, calm and collected under pressure. You understand there is no “I” in team and thrive in social situations. You get that service isn’t a transaction. It’s about connection. That a smile can make all the difference in someone’s day. It’s genuine, and it’s who you are.

• Making people’s day on all fronts: Greeting people, taking orders and satisfying McCravings.
• Preparing food and keeping our world famous burgers and fries, world famous.
• Processing payments. Working cash, working your smile.
• Package take-out food. But no sneaking fries…we know they’re everybody’s favourite!
• Fridge management. Okay, it’s stocking the fridge, but it’s really important when you serve the world’s most popular burger





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