3 Bad Choices That Killed Bruce Lee

There are always backstage factors to every happening. Here are Bruce Lee’s.

Bruce Lee is one name that can not be blotted out whenever kung-fu is mentioned in Hollywood movies starting from early 70s till date. His martial artistic contributions to movie scripts were  classic in time but his demise was a shock to his fans worldwide. After the death of Bruce Lee, there were different kinds of reports pointing towards the cause of his death but today in this article, we won’t concentrate on those but shall rather look at the genesis of the whole issue concerning his death.

Bruce Lee before his death in July 1973,  was reportedly suffering from cerebral edema. Below is a brief history on how he died on July 20th 1973:

The Day Of Bruce Lee’s Death
The trouble started two months earlier, when Lee collapsed on May 10 during an automated dialogue replacement session for his movie ‘Enter the Dragon’. He was rushed to the hospital, where he complained of a severe headache and was wracked by seizures.

Doctors recognized the symptoms of cerebral edema, a condition in which excess fluid in the brain causes swelling and pain, and were able to treat him immediately with mannitol. After a brief hospital stay, he felt much better — this wasn’t, he told his friends, how Bruce Lee would die.

Now, lets look at some choices he made that possibly led to his death.

1. Removing his sweat glands :

Because he didn’t like how his sweaty pits looked while on screen, Bruce Lee surgically had his sweat glands removed. Do you know what means? He would be having irregularities with body temperature regulations. This led to the ‘OVER HEAT’ medical reports he started having that led to so many other issues in his body system.

2. Persisting to Keep acting even after being diagnosed of Cerebral Edema:

Despite his condition, all that was paramount in his itinerary was the premiere of ‘Enter the Dragon’ movie. He was medically supposed to call it quit with anything martial arts in acting and at best become a great coach, producer and director. Maybe he would have lived a little more longer but death is inevitable summarily.

3. Taking personal medication:

According reports as regards 20th July 1973, Bruce Lee was with his Mistress Betty Ting Pei and had the usual medical crisis and she decided to calm him with some painkiller drugs which his system was allergic to. This was the last stroke that broke the camel’s back. Boom! Lee was gone from the reactions of the drugs. Though many believed that Betty Ting Pei worked hand in hand with a secret gang to eliminate Lee but that has not be proven for decades.

Bruce lived a great career life, made a name for himself though didn’t live long enough to enjoy the glory that followed.

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