Nipsey Hussle Was Killed By Crenshaw?

The black community has lost Nipsey Hussle to hate and jealousy. Who’s next?

We all woke up into April 2019 to hear that the black community lost one of her voices – Nipsey Hussle.  It was a sad news that Rapper Drake,  Diddy,  Nick Canon and a host of other great black voices felt so bad and sobber .  He was just 33 as at the time of his assassination.  He was murdered in cold blood in a community he grew up in.

By history,  Nipsey Hussle grew up in Crenshaw,  made his money 💰 there,  started up his own business in there and at last,  was killed there.  The bitter part was that he was murdered in front of his own store which he spent millions of dollars acquiring after years of hard work.

You might want to ask – “Who killed Nipsey Hussle? “. I would say the neighborhood did.  Yeah!  Crenshaw did.

Have you ever wondered why most black hip-hop stars upon stardom leave their childhood ghetto axis to live in cities where they’re more secured?  Most black people have a sweet way of hating on a brother who is just rising up after years of hard work. We shouldn’t be surprised if suspects of his murder emerge from Crenshaw soon.  It is peculiar for us blacks to loose our own by own brothers who are just jealous.

Nipsey Hussle is the current victim of hate and jealousy but the question here is : “Who will be next? “

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