Nipsey Hussle Gets Love From Hartford Connecticut

When a man serves his community sincerely, he will forever be celebrated. Nipsey Hussle is such a man.

While we all still mourn a fallen soldier –Nipsey Hussle,  Hartford Connecticut has decided to show some love too by having Nipsey Hussle’s painting on the wall with the tag “Crenshaw”. Oh yeah!  He’s Crenshaw cause he was part of Crenshaw all the way.

Hartford Connecticut has shown that any man who brings developments to his own community via any form is worth being celebrated. Nipsey Hussle was young and vibrant,  serving his community and family until he was gruesomely murdered by some hater who is all acting mentally derailed at the moment to evade prosecution but the community is always watching to see the outcome before deciding what to do to the said murderer.

Nipsey Hussle has been celebrated by alot of Hip Hop stars and today,  Hartford Connecticut joins the league.

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