Canon’s ZoeMini Printer Review By Misstechy

The ZoeMini Slim Photo printer is your new handy printer for 2019


Last month Canon Nigeria unveiled a gadget that is smaller than your smartphone and can do what your smartphone can’t. It’s called the ZoeMini, a compact and slim photo printer that produces credit card sized images that can also be used as stickers.

Now, I am sure some of you are probably wondering why we need a portable printer in 2019:

However, despite the fact that most our photos are being shared, stored and browsed online, there are still a good number of these photos that should definitely make it out of the cloud world and be printed and that is where Zoe mini comes in.

As far as Hardware goes, the device has a power button on the side:


A charging port, and a reset button beneath:


Pushing and lifting the back cover also reveals the paper container:


The device uses Zink paper, which uses inkless technology to print the images. And like I said the papers can be peeled off and re-used as stickers.

Did I mention that the printer also comes with 10 sheets to get you started?

To use the printer, you have to download the Canon Mini Print app, which allows you to edit and print the photos via a Bluetooth connection.

So, over to you, what do you think about ZoeMini’s appeal, especially in an online world like ours.

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