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5 Things Your Underwear Says About You

If your boxer shorts, singlets, pants, bra were all to be interviewed on LIVE TV, what do you think they would say about your cleanliness?



underwear and my life

Most times, we are so concerned about what people around us say about us but what we can hear with our ears are not all that there is for us to note while dealing with different stages of our lives. Certain inanimate objects around us have lots of things to say about us and we want to in this article look at what underwear have to say about one’s personality. Funny right ? It may sound funny because underwear’s status (in terms if neatness) is best known to the owner(You) but, all the same, they speak volumes….lol

Here we go with what your underwear can say about you if it were to be interviewed:


1. How Neat or Dirty you are down there:

If your boxer shorts, singlets, pants, bra were all to be interviewed on LIVE TV, what do you think they would say about your cleanliness? How often you wash them determines what their replies to the host of the show would be. Right now, i know you are already imagining what it would look like. If you’ve not been fair enough to your inner wears, start today to wash them as frequent as everyday. Your pants/boxer shorts should be washed after a day’s work. Don’t introduce a used boxers short or pant to a new day without having it washed clean and dried. 


2. How organized you are as a Person:

In terms of organization, your secret wears can tell how good or bad you are at it by virtue of how you arrange them in your closet. Do you mix used and unused wears together in one basket, cupboard, wardrobe? Then i guess you know what the reply of your undies  would be when asked if you are organized or not. 


3. How serious you are with life:

Often times when we use a thing and it gets worn out, what do we do most relatively? We most of the time do all we can to replace it because the whole world around us observes it and sees it but, what about your underwear, do you see a need to get new ones after a period of time? Are you even interested in getting a new one? If you are serious with life generally as you affirm daily, then it should at least span through your undies world too no matter how little. One pair won’t be bad in a month assuming you have a lot of financial issues to sort out. 


What do you think of this post about what your undies have to say about you? Drop your comments below. 

Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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Refugee Porn Is Taking Over Germany (VIDEO)




refugee porn xnxx videos pornhub refugee sex videos

Refugee porn is eating deep into the lifestyle of Germans as reported by media houses in Germany. This is so disgusting as refugees from different camps within the country are turned to sex slaves after being hired from their pimps. To survive, female refugees from the middle east are seen sleeping with German men for money.

The heartbreaking part of the refugee porn acts is that the sex sessions with the refugee is usually videoed and uploaded on different porn websites for viewing by other internet users all over the world. To prove that this is becoming a trend, the search term ‘Refugee porn’ has a very high volume in Germany currently. This new trend is not in any way different from other acts that are considered as ‘neglect for human value.’

The refugees who are predominantly middle east citizens are in Germany for refuge as a result of high level of terrorism in some affected areas. Syrian woman are the most victims of this Refugee sex slavery perpetration ongoing in Germany.

Do you watch porn, READ THIS
A Review video on facebook

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When She Cheats, Guys Take These Steps Fast




Okay… If you’re a lady reading this, don’t read through this article with sentiments okay. For you my dear brother reading this, let’s learn some good stuff here. When your girlfriend whom you’re in a relationship with cheats, it is quite painful but you see there are certain things you need do fast as a man.

Let’s roll on steps to take when she cheats..

1.Forgive her sincerely… But This is not acceptance though

When I say forgive, I mean you should sincerely from your heart let it go but, please there is a difference between forgiveness and acceptance. After letting her know you’ve forgiven her, you’ll need a good break from relationship buddy. Take a chill pill 💊 on dating. Don’t try to use sex, drugs , alcohol or partying to heal. These steps will hurt more much later. Relax from datinng for sometime.

2. Check For your own errors

In any bad situation in any romantic relationship, both party are to blame. You played a huge part in helping her cheat so easily. So, swallow the blame game pride and meditate on ways you behaved that gave her the guts to cheat in the first place. Take corrections to avoid carrying negative principles into your next relationship.

3. Go for more knowledge on dating and marriage

It is not enough to watch Bollywood and Hollywood love movies and become a pro at romance management or loving the opposite sex properly. Movies are not enough. Read books and attend meetings that will help you learn and unlearn about relationships.

4. Develop Yourself

Self development is very vital. It keeps you focused brother. You need to be more serious with your craft irrespective of your field of discipline. This will help you overcome the heartbreak that comes when your spouse cheats. More so, lack of passionate, constant self discovery and development is a sign of lack of interest to grow up.

5. Respect yourself and don’t Gossip about her

You see, there is a trend right now of guys gossiping about their woman who messed up while with them. You see, this act can’t put food on your table my dear brother. Avoid this bad move like you would to a snake venom. It’s very poisonous on your profile as a man.

So, did you find this article interesting, please drop a comment below.

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Do You Watch Porn? Let’s Talk




Ehmmm.. Are you kind of shy coming in here? Hey buddy just relax your nerves. We just want to discuss porn viewing nothing much.

So, how much of porn do you watch monthly in your bedroom, at the office, in school, toilet 🚽, Cinema, Church ⛪? If you watch porn, I guess one of these locations I mentioned are your favourite spots maybe.

After listening to a porn actress narrate what life looks like for her as an adult film industry worker, it was clear that even the actresses and actors you watch in an addictive manner also feel dejected and rejected most times. They have to be extra bold to live a bold, normal life among people.

Well, let’s talk about you first here. While watching porn helps you jerk off as a guy or calm your sexual urges or helps you ‘cum’ all by yourself as a woman in that secret spot you’ve made for yourself, have you thought of the possible side effects of porn on your life?

Many argue that it helps you become a pro at different sex adventures in the bedroom. Well, in as much as even public figures who are well respected tend to bend to the norms agreed on porn viewing by the world, it is needful you have a second perspective to the topic of porn.

  1. Porn Affects how you think

While this fact has been argued by many lovers of porn, it remains the reality of those involved. It affects how you view the opposite sex. For you the guys, every well or skimply dressed 👙 lady is imagined to be your favourite porn actress. In your mind, you undress her and imagine having sex with her. This is not good for your creativity life. You’re wasting intelligence on something that doesn’t count for your stardom.

2. Porn Makes you a Voyeur:

Do you know who a Voyeur is? A Voyeur is a person who derives sexual pleasure from spying on other people’s sexual lives especially when it has some sexual kind of scene. Is this what you desire for yourself? You are better off than this kind of life.

3. It can Mess your relationship up:

Porn viewing can wreck your relationship be it courtship or marriage. This is how it happens : You start objectifying your spouse as though they are some tools for your sexual experiments in the bedroom. While you have fun doing this, your spouse may feel used and objectified. Most times, your partner won’t complain but over time, their attitude towards your sexual needs changes as they begin to have less interest in satisfying your seemingly weird sexual desires which comes with ever dynamic patterns that sometimes inflicts internal injury to them. Women suffer this more when their men are porn addicts. Do you value your partner, have a rethink.

“Can you afford to have fun and ruin certain things you’ve worked hard to get for years? Let’s think smarter. ”

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