5 Things Your Underwear Says About You

If your undies appear on LIVE TV, would you be ashamed?

underwear and my life

Most times, we are so concerned about what people around us say about us but what we can hear with our ears are not all that there is for us to note while dealing with different stages of our lives. Certain inanimate objects around us have lots of things to say about us and we want to in this article look at what underwear have to say about one’s personality. Funny right ? It may sound funny because underwear’s status (in terms if neatness) is best known to the owner(You) but, all the same, they speak volumes….lol

Here we go with what your underwear can say about you if it were to be interviewed:


1. How Neat or Dirty you are down there:

If your boxer shorts, singlets, pants, bra were all to be interviewed on LIVE TV, what do you think they would say about your cleanliness? How often you wash them determines what their replies to the host of the show would be. Right now, i know you are already imagining what it would look like. If you’ve not been fair enough to your inner wears, start today to wash them as frequent as everyday. Your pants/boxer shorts should be washed after a day’s work. Don’t introduce a used boxers short or pant to a new day without having it washed clean and dried. 


2. How organized you are as a Person:

In terms of organization, your secret wears can tell how good or bad you are at it by virtue of how you arrange them in your closet. Do you mix used and unused wears together in one basket, cupboard, wardrobe? Then i guess you know what the reply of your undies  would be when asked if you are organized or not. 


3. How serious you are with life:

Often times when we use a thing and it gets worn out, what do we do most relatively? We most of the time do all we can to replace it because the whole world around us observes it and sees it but, what about your underwear, do you see a need to get new ones after a period of time? Are you even interested in getting a new one? If you are serious with life generally as you affirm daily, then it should at least span through your undies world too no matter how little. One pair won’t be bad in a month assuming you have a lot of financial issues to sort out. 


What do you think of this post about what your undies have to say about you? Drop your comments below. 

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Written by Ike Ani

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