Facebook’s Plan To Integrate Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram Explained

There is an ongoing report on the cyberspace that Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook and owner of Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and Instagram is planning on integrating all this platforms to interfunction on one spot. This sounds so much impossible to many social media users 👥 but actually, it is very possible and with Mark’s tenacity on projects, it’s achievable.

One thing to note is the adverse effect this new project would have on other social media cyberspacse. If this happens, I tell you sincerely, Mark would become immortal in monopolizing social media networking for more decades to come because studies and analysis have shown that smartphone users are already finding it tiring to be multitasking while active on two or more social networks at the same spot. This is probably the new trend in social media behavior Mark Zuckerberg and his Engineers have observed and are so crazy to get the deep hunger and thirst of ease of social media users met and satisfied 100%.

As for other social media platforms, they would really have to work harder than usual to be able to compete healthy with this new development Facebook is nursing and secretly working on in 2019. This new development would yield real massive income for the Facebook company like no other times. This project would compress social media networking all in one dial or screen touch. It would be more like a super power after all.

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