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3 Ways Nigerian students Kill Their Future

Education is a process in the life of any individual that lead to different categories of exploit in the realm of various human disciplines in the society but how it is launched into matters a lot. In this post today, i will be concentrating on the Nigerian students’ perspective when it comes to ‘Education’ as a process of learning and acquiring knowledge for different reasons best known to individuals. Read on.
The Nigerian graduates recorded per year for the National service scheme (NYSC) yearly is no more less than 200,000 per year but at the end of each batch, there comes increment to the level of an already existing, alarming unemployment in the country. Does this report mean the Government at different levels are not functioning as supposed? the answer maybe yes or No but that is not the basis of this idea this morning. the basis here for now is the student as an individual.

Below are some ways that most Nigerian students kill their future right from the classroom even before graduating from their various kinds of school.

1. Wrong perception of what Education truly is:

It’s one thing to go to school and another to understand what education is in the real sense. Most students just want to be in school because peers of their age are in school. So on the quest to blend with the societal peer pressure, many launch into schooling without understanding the significance of it. it’s very necessary that when one launches into a thing that they should try their best to understand what it entails and seek ways to get what they sincerely desire out of it and not just go into it because others are doing so because you can’t tell what is driving them. have your own drive and be sure it’s something positive!!!!

2. Building Wrong Concepts about the Future while in school:
 Having plans for the future is absolutely a great thing to do as a student but also how and what you plan matters greatly if you must succeed in that future you show interest in. Ensure that what you plan is something that is realistic and that can be conceptualized even if your idea is weird just be sure it is something that can have a beginning step. Lack of proper planning for the future has landed so many graduates to  staying at home with their certificates despite the fact that they have graduated. so learn to plan even before choosing a course of study.

3. Indulging in wrong Practices in the name of trying to make it through:
In school, what you do daily as practice matters a lot. many neglected this fact and are suffering from the aftermath effects of what they practiced in school. If you used negative principles at different levels in school to survive through school to graduate, remember that there are consequences to that at the end of it all. Instead of living and building regrets for the future, why not use your today to build moments of joy and happiness and feelings of accomplishment for the future?  today is still an early day.

As for those who may have missed it in time past, there is still hope for you today as you can apply a corrective measure to the aforementioned wrong concepts in the Education process as life itself is a learning process too. After a positive stroke at this quest to make a change, positive results are sure to be seen at the end.

what other steps can ruin a student’s future that you know of? please share via your comments

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Written by Ike Ani

Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.


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