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Mike Ile Scores Major Points Against Remi Adeoye In Court (DETAILS)




I made the long trip to Abuja just to witness proceedings at the FCT High Court where Mike Ile has been waiting for Remi Adeoye and his band of idiotic followers for a year now. Remi Adeoye has proven his cowardice by lying continuously on Facebook while running from the real law like a rain-soaked chicken.

ABOUT YESTERDAY (2 October 2018)
Remi Adeoye has been foreclosed from cross examining Mike Ile in the ongoing 100M Naira Defamation Suit filed by Mike against Remi.

Since the matter began one year ago, Remi has failed to appear in court and his lawyers have failed to file a statement of defence. Mike presented his evidence in March 2018 and since then Remi’s lawyer has refused to come to court to cross examine Mike.

On the 2nd of October, 2018, Remi and his lawyers failed to come to court again, they rather choose to send another letter seeking for another adjournment.

Mike’s lawyer opposed this adjournment and prayed the court to foreclose Remi from cross examining Mike Ile. The court agreed with him and foreclosed Remi from cross examining Mike. The court stated that, Remi has squandered his chances to cross examine Mike Ile by failing to come to court since March, 2018 when the matter came up for cross examination.

As it stands now, Mike’s evidence before the court is unchallenged.

Recall that just last week, Remi Adeoye was on the Facebook wall of Iyabo Ughojor to lie that he has been ready to cross examine Mike and that Mike has been the one stalling the case.

Mike Ile beats Remi Adeoye In Court

Mike Ile beats Remi Adeoye In Court

I was curious. Could Mike have been lying about all those court appearances and I didn’t know? I made a decision to go to court myself. It was costly going to Abuja but my blog must investigate the truth. Court proceedings are not secrets and anybody with common sense can simply go find out the truth.

To my astonishment, I found simple evidence to the fact that Remi Adeoye, his lawyer, and his band of idiots have been employing all manner of tactics to delay the case. I found letters from his team, asking for adjournments more than once. I also found out that they had earlier made a verbal request for adjournment which was granted before as well.

But yesterday, the judge had had enough of Remi and his antics. Mike’s lawyer informed the court of Remi’s recent lie that Mike was delaying proceedings. Thus, the judge refused to grant Remi another adjournment as requested and foreclosed Remi from cross examining Mike.

I have an audio I made from the court. Whoever is interested in hearing what the judge said in court can send me a WhatsApp message.

I needed to know the truth and I have become more convinced than ever before that Remi Adeoye is a compulsive liar and coward who hides behind a keyboard and vulnerable women to type. He derives his validation from LIKES and favourable comments and wants to live like a king on Facebook while dragging wool over the eyes of the neutral public.

Mike Ile has always been consistent about his side of the story; he did not defraud anybody, especially the two women Remi claims he did. His evidence with both the police and the court is compelling and he has so much more to unleash.



In truth, I admire the simple, silent, efficient way that Mike has gone about this matter. When Remi lied that Mike was in detention, we caught him. When he lied that Mike’s family reached out to beg him, we caught him. He lied that Mike harassed one Modupe Afolabi in hospital, we produced evidence that exposed the blatant foolery of this policeman.

For further clarification, I went to the police unit handling this matter in Abuja and, contrary to Remi’s many lies, his own constituency hold him in high contempt for his very unprofessional conduct. Of course nobody agreed to be quoted but a very senior officer at Force HQ affirmed that the case had passed through them and, seeing no evidence of fraud but of business and personal deals home bad, had literally washed their hands off it.

Mike Ile beats Remi Adeoye In Court

Mike Ile beats Remi Adeoye In Court

The onus is now on the accusers to prove fraud in court. But the idiot who claimed he had evidence of fraud has flunked every opportunity to come and prove fraud. Instead, he has been pressuring intermediate officers of the IRT to try and hook Mike Ile on Trumped up charges in order to make Remi look good on Facebook, a plan that has so far failed to materialize based on the meticulous attention to details exhibited by Mike Ile.

Last year, there was a plot to have Mike Ile arrested, transported to Kaduna, and shot in transit while claiming that he was attempting to jump out of the vehicle. The Kaduna team however made a U-turn when they saw the weight of evidence against the accuser whose petition had been doctored by Remi Adeoye. Last week, Linda Walter Andem, another liar and accuser whose anger is the failure of her love interest, hurriedly rushed to Abuja on the orders of Remi Adeoye to pressure the IRT to arrest and charge Mike Ile on false charges. Investigations however revealed that while Linda and Remi Adeoye keep lying to people on Facebook, even her own statement with the police indicts her greatly. Attempts are being made to sneak in a new statement but we already have copies of her original statement and we are told that Mike is ready to sue the police force if any foul play is discovered.

Linda has been advised to come clean and tell the world the truth.

It’s been a year since Remi Adeoye started this battle. For one year, he has not presented a word to the court. It will be interesting to see how this ends. But it is disappointing that a senior cop could fall this low for social media glory. A total coward of a man.


Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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