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Porsha Williams Gets Engaged By Fiance With Kodell’s Ring(PHOTOS)



Porsha Williams and her baby father Dennis McKinley are engaged, MTO News has confirmed, And the couple has decided to use the ring KORDELL GAVE PORSHA as their engagement ring.

When Porsha Williams and her first husband, NFL legend Kordell Stewart, got divorced – Porsha was awarded the ring. Now she’s re-using it on her new marriage.

The insider explained, “Porsha Williams and Dennis are using the ring because it’s the practical thing to do.” The insider continued, “They’re going to to invest the money they saved [by not buying a new ring] in a new Black owned business.”


While many of Porsha Williams fans might LOVE her investment strategy, most women choose to NOT re-use an engagement ring – especially if the first marriage ended badly.

Here’s a pic of Porsha williams wearing the ring at a photo shoot years ago:



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