6 Smart Ways to Build Up A Positive Thinking structure

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From the beginning of mankind, humans have always been intellectually ranked in the society into different categories. some are considered to be intelligent and some others dummies depending on the context concerned. but the bottom-line is, there is a common lane of thought that everyone can actually run on to be versatile in knowledge not necessarily trying to know all things(which is impossible anyway) but also to have a coordinated  mental structure which could welcome new knowledge that will for sure be helpful for one purpose or the other.

When someone is called or tagged intelligent, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is actually a ‘guru’ in all life knowledge but it’s because he/she has a disciplined way of thought which aids reception of new knowledge at all times. for those that are called dummies, it doesn’t mean that they know nothing at all. the things they know can actually translate a guru of another knowledge into a dummy too.

When a positive mental structure is built by character, a lot of things will always fall in place as there will be more room for good growth in personality.

On thinking,  We have in this article, compiled some useful measures that can be taken on the interest of building up some good way of thinking

1. Cultivate An Excellent Character:

  Having a distinctive quality thinking patten with relation to character can have an impact on your mentality. these characters to be put up can be drawn from different means. sometimes you hear people say “he’s my role model” actually in interpretation, such a person has mapped out a character to put up which to constantly follow. the same goes for cultivating an excellent character. in  this context, you can have a mentor or role model whose character is excellent that would be of help to your way of thinking.

On an individual note, you can also build up a character of your own by learning simply from occurrences in your environment. from this method, you will find out that your learning is gradually making you excellent in all angles of your life. decide this moment the excellent traits you would love to have. list them and go for them by using this method of cultivating them wherever they may be.

2. Spend Quality Time On Personal Reflection:

  A moment spent on oneself is like an investment that will always yield profits without ending.you can grow your thinking skills by learning to constantly scrutinize yourself. spend time on reflecting over your actions and how things are with you. in this, you will gain an understanding of where you’re getting things wrong and in the process, you’ll also have an open mind to new knowledge which will in turn make you a ‘guru’ in that dimension because you have an experience of it both physically and mentally and as well conquered it.

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This step requires you to have no likes for errors. call a spade a spade in this if you actually want to have a coordinated manner of thought. when you do this, your lifestyle will be affected into blending with the philosophy that has been cooked up by the new knowledge.

3. Have a Thought Of Imperfection:

  What i mean by having a thought of imperfection is that you should at all times remember that there are mistakes of all kinds and must hence be conscious of not feeling right at all times. when you have a thought of this, you can be able to welcome corrections when they come to you and you’ll at a beneficiary end gain more good knowledge.

This will for sure make you an intelligent individual who learn by experience. it is necessary that you constantly give it a try in other to help yourself think positive at all times.

4. Constantly Connect To Wisdom:

  Wisdom could be seen as a good sense,accumulated good knowledge and lots more. in other words it’s a knowledge bank where one can actually withdraw some good knowledge that are very helpful. but this ‘wisdom’ doesn’t come to you unless you find it. it is very crucial that you at all times seek to get more of it for it is in it you would be more educated on certain issues that relates to you.

As you have dreams about what you would love to become, there is need for wisdom to play a crucial role in your way of thinking in order to actualize that dream. your thoughts needs to be filled with related ideas to achieve it.

5. Store Up Good Knowledge:

  The necessity of storing knowledge can never be over emphasized. the storage i mean in this context is to have them allocated to different endeavors of life where necessary and also to avoid neglecting the importance of any form of knowledge acquired by any means. when this measure is taken, it springs up new sweet ideas that impacts your thoughts. it will be like seeing a lifeboat in the moment of drowning.

Never ignore any good idea you have. store it up by valuing it. when you value it, you won’t forget it because what you cherish you remember.

6. Learn From Life Challenges:

  As you move on and on with life, there are always challenges. these challenges sometimes are frustrating but in this context you’ll see that in a way, this challenges are also some source of new ideas. to gain more strength in the school of thought, there is need to learn from challenges that come your ways in your everyday life. when you place a cup of water on the dashboard of a moving car, it will fall and spill water on the car’s dashboard. after this mistake, new ideas of how to avoid water spill will pop up. such like ” why not put the water in a can or something?”

The same goes for this method of building up ways for good thoughts. pay a close attention to learn from challenges that come your way.

All above mentioned methods are going to be helpful to you as you practice them in the contexts that best relates to you. it is necessary you grow everyday not just physically but also in knowledge. We hope you love good growth or don’t you?


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