Senator Bukola Saraki’s Political Biography, Wars, Curses, Victory And Principles

Senate President Bukola Saraki and his father’s curse: Let get this straight.

Bukola Saraki learnt politics from his father, Olusola Saraki popularly called the Oloye of Kwara Politics. Bukola drank from his political spring. The older Saraki was also a Senator. He installed his son as a Governor for two terms and installed his daughter, Gbemisola as a Senator. When Saraki Jnr finished his two term, he decided to go to the Senate. His father insisted on installing Gbemisola as his replacement.

Bukola Saraki would have none of such. He is a politician of the younger generation and well educated. He told the father that Kwara State does not belong to the Sarakis. He told Oloye that the Governorship is not monarchy. His father insisted on installing his daughter.

The battle line between morality and greed was drawn. Bukola fielded his own candidate from another Senatorial District. The father fielded Gbemisola. At the end, Bukola godson won and father was retired permanently from politics. Fable has it that Oloye cursed Bukola for disgracing him. He cursed him that he will also be disgraced out of politics.

Truth is…

Such curse can never work. Bukola Saraki was right by refusing to allow his blood sister to be governor in a democratic country. Bukola was right before God and man that his family must not directly control Kwara.

Anyone getting angry that Bukola retired Saraki (snr) from politics and therefore alludes it to Absalom and David should support Rochas to install his son in-law and Buhari to install Yusuf as President, who’s only experience in life is Power bike riding.

You may not like Bukola Saraki but you must like the fact that he’s being the bridging gap between this democracy and Buhari’s tyranny. You may not like how he walked out on Jonathan but you must understand the fact that he’s first a politician with PERSONAL INTEREST which is to survive politically.

We all can learn from his mastery of politics even as opposition. We all should learn from him on how he has twice defeated the Presidency by winning the Senate Presidency while Buhari’s men were in ICC and retaining it yesterday while Buhari’s men were plotting in the Villa.

Just him and he alone has this singular experience in our National history. He should be a course in our university, the Saraki Machiavellian style of politics. Only President Putin can rival this political wizardry.

I don’t like him as a person but I admire his guts and bravery to leave a place where he’s not treated well after giving his best. I don’t like him for crumbling a bank but I have learnt from him to walk away from a government that treats you less than you deserves. His travail and victory so far is a lesson to all political aspirants, supporters and Journalists who give their all for a party and candidate to emerge and after victory, you never get to taste of the victory, rather you are hunted.

It’s not enough to have loyal men but to keep them is the ultimate. Saraki has loyal Senators and he has kept them. He has stood with them in their moment of trial.

Saraki has not just loyal men but people who are ready to stick out their necks for him because he has not cornered the Senate funds to himself. He has shared the juicy committees equally between his friends and loyalists in APC and PDP, East, West, North and South.

As a Governor, he defeated tribalism by going against his father’s greed. As a Senate President, he has also jettison favoritism, greed and nepotism by spreading everything round. Such men do not lack true friends and core loyalists.

Compare this with Buhari who has surrounded himself with only people from his Northern region and you will understand why Saraki will defeat all of them in just one breath.

Let’s learn from Bukola Saraki.

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