5 Important Questions To Ask Before Getting Into A Relationship


Questions to ask before getting into a relationship with anyone

No matter how desperate for a relationship you are, there are important questions to ask before agreeing to a relationship with anyone.

This is basically due diligence. You do not want to begin something you would regret later when you could have avoided it totally.
We wish we could say it would, but asking these questions won’t automatically rule out every possibility of a heartbreak or some other unpleasant turn of event. Regardless, you can be satisfied knowing you did your part by asking relevant questions and left nothing to chance.
So here goes, 5 important questions to ask before dating anyone:

1. Why me?

Whether it’s a guy that’s being asked out or a woman, people always want to know what’s special about them; the thing that made you choose them out from the crawling mass of humans alive.
Three things to never do when you catch a partner cheatingplayIf someone shows interest in you, it’s not wrong to ask “why do you like me?” (BET)

So if someone shows interest in you, it’s not wrong to ask “why do you like me?
“why are you attracted to me?
“what is it about me that made you ask me out?” And other similar questions.
The answer given to this types of question is what decides whether they have been paying any attention to you at all, or that they’ve not even noticed a single thing about you. That’s what decides whether they want you just for a shallow reason or if their feelings run deep.

2. Ask what they want in a relationship

This is a no-brainer. You don’t want to be in a relationship that’s like a dark room. In a black, lightless room, your steps are cautious, uncertain and dangerous because you could trip on something and hurt yourself.
4 ways to save your relationship after a partner cheatsplayYou are meant to know exactly what you are getting into in a relationship. So, ask. (Video Blocks)

Relationships are not meant to be dark rooms, you are meant to know exactly what you are getting into, or at least have an idea of it and this is why this question is important.

3. Ask about past relationships

You need to know if they were cheated on or cheated in their last relationship, which may be an indication of trust issues that may have developed. You need to know if they dated someone who was abusive or too submissive.
Ask questions to gauge their temperament and to see if they treated those exes in a manner indicative of an emotional or physical abuser.
What to do when you have an inappropriate attraction?playAsk also about past relationships and their roles in them. (Shutterstock)
Ask if perhaps this is their first ever relationship. Just ask to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

4. What’s your relationship with God?

So around these parts where religion is a big deal and many people crave partners that are God fearing, it would be absurd to not ask what his or her outlook of God and religious things is.
You’d be deluded to ignore that religious sentiments still affect [potential] relationships and marriages.

5. What are you passionate about?

This helps you know the kind of man or woman they are; and how invested in themselves and the future they are.
This question is closely linked to the question of goals and plans. You need to be sure that whoever you are thinking of dating has his head wisely wrapped around these things.
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