7 Deadly Habits That Keeps you Unhappy


Happiness is what everyone wants and deserves. this is because it gives way for a positive atmosphere of joy that brings a kind of satisfactory pleasure which is so nice to both emotions and the physical body. but then it’s not everyone that understands the way happiness works or originates from our own lifestyles. it’s a thing that can be in place when you fix some things in your way of thoughts which also boils down to your lifestyle. unhappiness creeps in fast into our life most times because of certain mistakes and at the end of the day it leaves you unhappy.

Happiness is not something that you can work for. it doesn’t need to employ you into struggling to get it. many people these days are struggling to be happy but the basic truth about it is that it comes in a natural way. it can’t be bought neither can it be manufactured in a factory. it’s something that you fix on the inside of you. that is why this article will be exposing those common habits that suppresses the existence of happiness in people’s life. pay a close watch on this factors cause they always tend to be good behaviours but are actually forces against your happiness.

Curtailing the excesses of these habits will really do you good because their absence will actually be the beginning of your joyful moments at all instances and stages of your life. the truth is that, there are moments that you can’t just be happy. examples are in moments of mourning, job loss, betrayal, etc but what should happen after these kind of moments? must you continue to live in them? so lets check those habits we need to curtail to ensure we don’t live as unhappy persons but cheerful as we’re supposed to be.

1. Thinking and Dwelling in The Past: 
  This is a very common thing most people do at all times. the truth is the past is a by gone and can never be a determinant of your tomorrow. so it can’t control anything of the future because it’s no longer a ‘today’ so why bug yourself wallowing in its wind? snap out of that past occurrence which will only hurt you more and distant you from a happy life.

Your past is supposed to make you wiser and stronger in your today cause it is in today you can decide what to do tomorrow and not in yesterday. so you see that actually to a point your past doesn’t really matter at all. so  why fix your eyes on a history when you have a beautiful today and tomorrow. break free from the grip of your past cause it will only blindfold you from seeing the truth in your today and tomorrow.

2. Struggling To Be Perfect:
  Most people believe that there will be all forms of happiness once they become perfect in life. but actually when you make this concept a lifestyle, happiness will be so inert in your life. this is because perfection is attained when you take life easy and truthfully. striving to be perfect will only make your life complicated. perfection is not a bad thing! but the way you see it matters a lot. such concepts of strive will at the end of every moment keep you sad because you can fail at some point.

Taking life easy when it comes to the issue of perfection is very important because it will help you see life from the simple perspective else you’ll be misled into a complicated dimension which is for those who careless of the simplicity in the nature of life.

3. Measuring Yourself  to People Around You:
  This is a very common or should i say a most becoming  reflex form of thought people put up these days. comparing yourself to others and using it as a factor to rate your success or failure. this will only deprive you of your self-esteem(confidence) and when that happens, you’ll be sad and bitter when you seem to be less in  the competition that you’ve indulged yourself into by your comparison with others. since when did people around you become your determinant for happiness? snap out of this death trap for there will always be sadness in it.

You’re supposed to learn from others successes and failure and not to be comparing yourself to them. people differ in terms of potentials so what worked out for Mr. A, may not work for Mr. B or C. having a self-esteem will help you to avoid living an unhappy life.

4. Limiting Yourself:
  If you live in consideration of what people may say concerning you, you can never be happy because there is nothing self satisfying in the things you do as everything tends to be about pleasing people who know you. the truth is no man can please everybody. so why limit yourself  in life by trying to please people who can’t determine your tomorrow for you? break free from it today and embrace the wonderful adventure of life that is set before you. explore all you have for in them lies your happiness. the little things we ignore are the things that deprives us of our supposed to be joyful moments.

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Have a mind that is strong to decide what to do on a daily basis for yourself and not for some people around you. they’re supposed to be witnesses to your happiness and not determinants of it. you’ll be unhappy if you let them be a reason for all you do.

5. Too Much Focus On Wealth:
  Wealth is a good thing but too much focus on it will keep you sad because it’s not anytime you focus on it that you’ll get it. to be positively wealthy takes a gradually process and in this gradual processes lies your happiness but being rushy will blindfold you not to see this and you’ll always be sad in the name that life is not fair but actually it is fair because even in the midst of your struggles it kept some happiness ducts for you to enjoy but so much love and focus for wealth wouldn’t let you see them.

In your quest for wealth, try as much as you can to take life easy for no house was built in 24 hours. so why pay too much attention to something that is acquired gradually? your happiness comes first before wealth by rating because wealth can’t buy happiness or can it?

6. Adherence To Negative Concepts:
  There is a trend that is on the increase thses days and that is the imitation of any style of living that is reigning in the society. most people don’t care to find out whether these things are actually right. this trend of lifestyle has kept many in  regrets,depression,sickness and lots more. you see it’s not everything that looks glamorous that are sources of happiness. many have fallen victims of this trap of negativity. be sure not be a victim and if you’re already, break free. you can always decide in your beautiful today remember?

Focusing on the negative things in life will yield no happiness but pains and regrets. At first it may sound as if it is fun but at the later end, it eats up the good in you and leave you shattered and bitter. No single atom of cheerfulness will be found.

7. Living a Complicated Life:
  Living a life of complication in the sense of not being straightforward can be a terrible lifestyle that will keep you unhappy as you’ll be constantly struggling to be what you are not. this is hell on earth cause you’ll be conscious of the falsity in your lifestyle but still be stiff necked and sad at every moment you reflect on your life. why not break free from this cage of fake-living and embrace the real you?  you can build up a beautiful personality instead of faking one.

It is very necessary to take notes of all this common mistakes that has kept so many people in a painful moment they never thought or even dreamed of. of course nobody will dream of terrible sad moments but then a common mistake can result to so many uncommon painful moments in life. we all deserve to be happy but we need to curtail the above errors in habits. you’ll love to live a happy life don’t you?
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Written By:
Ike Ani
Twitter: Officialikeani


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