“I don’t talk about my vagina in public” says singer Dencia concerning Pogba rumours

According to reports Paul Pogba and Dencia keep guests up with their loud lovemaking
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During an exclusive interview with Pulse TV, Dencia was spoke about her music career, business, the music industry and Paul Pogba.

We got to ask the beautiful and sexy singer about her relationship with the Manchester Unitedstar and if it was a fake news. Dencia didn’t mince words as she said people should promote Pogba instead of focusing on stupid stories.
“I don’t talk about my vagina in public yea if the only thing I can tell you about Paul Pogba is that he is an amazing athlete that deserves a Ballon d’Or.
“That’s the only thing, we don’t talk about anything else when it comes to…he’s an amazing, he is such an amazing person, such an amazing athlete I think that’s what we should be focused on you know, we should focus on people’s craft, you don’t talk little thinks to overshadow people’s, like you cant do that, you know what I’m saying, you cant.
According to reports Paul Pogba and Dencia keep guests up with their loud lovemakingplay

According to reports Paul Pogba and Dencia keep guests up with their loud lovemaking 

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“He is an amazing African athlete and as Africans, we should be pushing to win a Ballon d’Or  because we don’t have that, he stands the chance of getting one, why don’t we get something out of him why we can instead of getting stupid stories,” she said.
In October 2016, The Sun reported that Pogba was involved in a loud sex romp with singer Dencia at the Lowry Hotel.
The guests of the hotel said that Pogba and Dencia kept them up with loud moans and groans from his hotel room. According to one of the guests of the five-star hotel, “wild sex noises” that sound “like a porn movie” could be heard from the football star’s room.
Later on in the interview, Dencia spoke about the Nigerian music industry. She was more into promoting her own music than caring about the affairs of other Nigerian artists.
Dencia at the 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awardsplay

Dencia at the 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awards


“I really don’t have thoughts of the people, they are doing well, they are doing well for themselves. I only think about Dencia, what can Dencia bring to the industry…like help in the industry that something I’m working on. For example, I’m trying to set meetings with Grammys to make something happen for us.



“I feel like we are not well represented over there, like my generation is not like my meeting with the vice president of the Grammys…he has no idea who a Wizkid is or who a Davido is..that’s because we haven’t pushed ourselves hard enough, we might be doing well, we might be doing BET, we might be number one but if its not grammy level then its nothing. If Fela could do it years ago how come none of us can do it. It means we are doing something wrong,” she said.



She also got to speak about her reported feud with Hollywood actressLupita Nyong’o and she was quick to say that Lupita doesn’t live in her zip code and she can’t even afford to live where she stays.

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