6 types of marriage proposals your girlfriend will hate


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We get it that engagements might become a bit cliché these days and a might arise to do something different so as to make the day remarkable and forever-treasured by your partner.

Whatever you do, though, there are still some lines you should not cross in your bid to pull a huge, creative surprise proposal.

Below we list 6 types of these mistakes.

1. Fake death

Whatever you do, don’t be like the guy in the clip below who faked his death so as to create a stirring story.

You shouldn’t put your partner through the harrows of a death scare just so you can now play Lazarus and propose afterwards.

Dead that morbid idea, sir.

Throwback to when this guy thought pretending to be dead would make for a compelling engagement story…
Even DailyMail UK had to report the madness🤣

2. Fake arrest

We agree that a little drama might make for a great story but faking an arrest sounds… a bit extreme.

No one wants to joke with SARS, abeg.

3. The wedding proposal

Don’t propose at another person’s wedding. It is as simple as that.

Hopefully everyone has learnt that lesson.

5 reasons why your man hasn't proposed yet.playNever propose as a prank. It is insensitive. (Kontrol Mag)

4. The crisis engagement

Don’t propose during a fight. This is a no-brainer. Even if the ring is bought and ready to go, let cooler heads prevail before those four big words fly.

5. Prank proposal

It’ll be a little mighty insensitive to pull an April first engagement prank with your babe.

And the act is not cruel only on the annual first day of April wankfest. A prank proposal is uncool wherever, whenever you do it.

Don’t be that guy [or babe]

playTry to avoid an accidental proposal wedding proposals like this one that happened in “The Wedding Part 2” (Bongis)

6. An accidental proposal

The only thing worse than a botched proposal is an accidental one.

Don’t give rings as random gifts to your babe if you know your relationship has reached that stage where an engagement is to be expected.

Also try to stay away from giving her gifts that come in tiny boxes. She might begin screaming ‘yes, I’ll marry you’ before you have time to explain that it’s just earrings in the box!


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