5 weapons women can use to defend themselves from Sexual Assault


The rape allegations levied at a Taxify driver by Nigerian actress Dorcas Shola Fapsonhave re-opened the conversation about rape culture in Nigeria and what women can do to protect themselves.

According to the multi-talented OAP and actress, the driver of the cab reportedly locked her in the car, drove her to a random house and tried to force her out of the car. She had pepper spray with her which she emptied on his eyes.

The Taxify driver has since said his own side of the story. While the jury is still out on whose side is more factual and true, we can ignore that Dorcas was able to douse the situation with pepper spray.

Talking about matters like this has made it all the more obvious that women are prone to sexual assault, much more than we have been willing to admit.

It is important to note that the men who force or coerce the opposite sex for their own pleasure are the problem.

Acknowledging the problem also means it would be safer for women to protect themselves.

Here are 5 defence tools that every woman would do well to have and carry around.

(1) Pepper Spray:

This package of pain in a can come in very handy in delicate situations, which is why it is the most used self-defence tool among women.

playPepper Spray comes in cans of various sizes. (GunsSaveLife.com)

Pepper spray works by directing a burst of very sensitive fluid to the attacker in an effective range of up to 10 feet. When this fluid comes in contact with the attacker’s eyes, it creates a very painful sensation that renders them useless for up to 30 minutes.

Users should be aware that pepper spray doesn’t work on everyone, and a 10-foot range can be too close for comfort for some. Some states do not allow this spray.

(2) Taser:

In more technical terms, a stun gun is part of a class of weapons known as electroshock devices.

playTasers can look cute and cuddly; but the electricity they pack is anything but. (CNET)

It works by delivering an electric shock aimed at rendering the attacker immobile and/or inflicting pain without causing significant injury.

They usually come in tiny packages, but a stun gun can pack an amazing 25 million volts.

The catch is that you’ll have to get up close and personal to make physical contact with the attacker. It is also important to use this device with care as it can easily cause serious image.

(3) Safety rods:

At first look, these batons look little like long iron rods. In reality, they are long batons that can be extended and deliver a massive painful shock.

playSafety Rods deliver a sharp shock that immobilises the attacker. (bukalapak.com)

Before they are extended, they are short cylindrical tubes that can be carried around and can fit in your purse or bag.

These powerful telescopic batons are great for both offensive and defence techniques that you may need to employ in a self-defence situation.

Their ergonomic designs make them easy to extend and use. It serves as good protection against aggressors and abusers by delivering a massive painful, yet non-lethal shock.

(4) Personal Safety Alarm:

There are times when calling the attention of people around you can be enough to intimidate a potential abuser or get help.

playThe personal safety alarm emits a series of loud, sharp signals that can alert persosns more than a kilometre away. (HOBBR)

If you need to sound the alarm to alert people to your peril, there’s nothing quite like a loud beep or ring of about 130 decibels to do the job. Personal alarms can be carried easily in pockets, purses, bags and by hand.

When in peril, all you have to do is pull the pin on the devices and the alarm sounds, making a sharp piercing series of sounds.

This device is most useful to college students when walking around at odd times in populated areas.

Alarms are a loud and effective way to discourage attackers but they are not exactly the tool to defend yourself with.

(5) Monkey Ball Fist Chain:

The Monkey Ball looks like some sort of weird key chain, but it’s a powerful weapon that requires some effort and is near perfect for self-defence.

playOne strike with the Monkey Ball Fist can knock out an attacker. (YouTube)

The keychain contains a 1-inch steel ball wrapped in high-quality lightweight nylon rope typically used in the suspension lines of parachutes. Swing it at your attacker’s head and you may just knock them out in one attempt.

The keychain is understandably short so attaching it to a lanyard gives you greater reach and allows the swing to build up for greater impact.

It takes some training and awareness to use this. Heavier opponents might be able to brush a blow off if it is directed towards an area other than the head or groin.

Also, it is important to use extreme caution when swinging your MonkeyFist; your own blow might just come back to bite you.


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