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5 reasons why Regina Askia was one of the biggest celebrities of her time



Regina Askia is one name we can never forget from our television screens back in the 1990s. She was one actress who came with the celebrity package. She graced our hearts and screens equally during her glory days.

We take a look at five reasons why she was the biggest celebrity of her time.

1. She was a former beauty queen

Regina Askia

Regina Askia

Regina Askia back in her youth was probably the prettiest lady in the country. She contested for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant in 1988, even though she was the people’s favourite, she came out second in the competition losing to Bianca Ojukwu.

when Bianca Ojukwu left the crown, Regina Askia took over and became
the MBGN.  In 1990, Askia-Williams represented Nigeria at Miss Charm International held in Leningrad, Russia, and came second. She also made history by becoming the first Nigerian at Miss International in Japan, where she made an impact with the most outstanding traditional costume.

2. She was one of the hottest actresses in the 1990s

her reign as the MBGN, she moved on to become an actress in the
Nollywood industry. Her debut was in the popular drama series, “Fortunes” where she played the role of the gold-digging “Tokunbo.” She starred in a lot of movies from the 1990s to the early 2000s a career which spanned over a decade.
Askia can be remembered for her very professional interpretations of
all the roles she played in movies she starred, making her a force to
reckon with the movie industry.

3. She attracted the highest fee per movie

At the time where actors weren’t really paid so well, Regina Askia and a few other actors like Pete Edochie and Zach Orji
were among the highest-earning actors. To star in a movie at that time,
it was reported that it would cost a lot to get Regina Askia in that
movie because everyone wanted to see a movie with her as part of the

4. She modeled for a lot of brands

beauty queen gets the opportunity to become brand ambassadors during
their reign as queen, that was the case of Regina Askia as she was used
as a brand ambassador for major brands in the country at that time. If
it was big and reigning, Regina Askia was promoting that brand.

5. She was everybody’s crush

Askia didn’t  become a beauty queen by error, she was beautiful. She
was tall, had and still has the most beautiful eyes. Everyone crushed on
her, even ladies wanted to dress and look like her. Regina Askia’s
voice well is what call distinct and sexy. The guys couldn’t wait to see
her in a movie and just to have a glimpse of the beautiful and sexy

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Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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