3 Ways Nollywood Screws up and wastes Veteran actors


Nollywood over the years, have thrived
on many grounds due to the type of movie producers and directors it had in past
and present times. The likes of Teco Benson, Obi Madubuogu and the award
winning producer and director Kunle Afolayan have produced and as well directed
several movies that has hit so high in rating of content by Nigerians and
foreign viewers of their movies. Recently, so many other producers/directors
have attracted accolades to Nollywood by virtue of some good quality movies
being shot within and outside Nigeria such as 30 days in Atlanta, wedding
party, October 1st, Jennifer’s Diary, and many others.

In recent times, Nollywood now has
too many movie producers and directors who just want to become the Mel Gibson
of Africa in movie making and directing but are not willing to learn the art of
standard movie making. This has led to them screwing up many veteran actors and
actresses within the movie industry. We here at Gistpark Media has carefully pick pointed areas where Nollywood is
missing it big time. Check them out below;

1. Poor Scripts:

A movie could have a captivating and thought rattling title
but if the scripts used in the movie is not superb, then the whole movie will
be a huge turn off for the audience that are watching it. Many movie directors
currently in Nigeria don’t care about the standard of their movie’s script more
than they care for the profit that will emerge from the movie sales at Alaba
market, 51 Iweka Road Onitsha and others. 

When these low standard Nollywood directors make these
errors, it reflects in the movies and turns the veteran actors and actresses we
have to nothing but clowns on screen. They will become nothing other than
amateurs simply because the directors don’t take into deep cognizance, the
quality of the script used.

The script writers in the movie industry are supposed to be
people who are creative and as well read books of great stories. As a matter of
fact, they are supposed to be prolific in storytelling and writing. The book ‘Things fall apart’ by Chinua
was acted as a movie and epic was its middle name. why? Its storyline
was amazing, great and audience captivating. Scripts for movie shouldn’t be any
different. A good example to pick from Hollywood was the book ‘Lord of the rings’ that was acted. The
movie has carved a niche for itself in the movie industry worldwide.

2. Poor Movie Scene Directing:

There are so many movies in Nollywood that has good
storyline but the scene casting and directing are so poor. Most times, you
watch movies and all you see is poor casting/directing and at the end of it,
the errors are still allowed and compiled as part of it. Examples are movies
like one funny movie that featured the already trending teenager Regina Daniels titled ‘Batman’. The storyline
may have been great but the directing was so damn poor that the dude called the
batman uses what seem to be a silk like blanket as his hero apron. Well let’s
not go into details about that movie here. The key idea under this point is
that poor scene casting/directing does nothing but wastes the potential of the
actor or actresses involved.

In some Nollywood movies, Veteran actors like Olu Jacobs,Nkem
Owoh and others were seen acting storylines that depicts that they had no
formal education and hence decided to start school from the primary level of
education and this now leads to funny and childish movie titles such as ‘Osuofia goes to school’. In the movie,
veteran actors we expect to see using their experience of many years in acting to
pass deep messages are seen acting as amateurs in some movie. This becomes a
turn off for most Nigerians and then we all go crazy scampering with our mobile
data trying to watch ‘game of thrones’,
Thor, Empire
and others online. Currently, music stars are the ones taking
over movie scenes in Nigeria. When they appear in a movie, it attracts the
attention of most Nigerians because their songs influences Nigerians more.

3. Poor Cinematography:

A movie could have a good storyline, casting/directing but
if its camera shooting style and method is poor, it turns viewers off. Some Nollywood
movies that had great storylines were ruined because the producers didn’t pay attention
to the camera shoot methods and as well the number of cameras to use for
certain kinds of movies. These errors, has ruined chances for so many movies
that could have made headlines and won awards for both its producers and actors

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