SARS Impersonators gets napped in Ikorodu Lagos (PHOTOS)


A group of men pretending to be operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) were caught at Ota ona, Ikorodu on Tuesday. Report by Facebook user below:

“This people were caught yesterday at Ota ona Ikorodu
impersonating SARS.. They’ve been coming to this particular place to
obtain those mechanic and shop owner there.they were caught yesterday
through one intelligent force man that stayed around.. My concerned
about this issue is that SARS people finally came from ipakodo police
station to take dem away… And asked nobody to snap or video them… Am
suspecting them might release this people yesterday…. Please my
people here I want u all to help investigate on this issue….. Ikorodu
oni baje oooo”


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