#BIAFRA: No Deadline For The Actualization Of Biafra – Nnamdi Kanu (Video)

The leader of Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, in an
interview with SaharaReporters, has alleged that the government is using
media to spread false information about him and his agitation for
Biafra. He revealed that the people in power know that he is the right
person to lead the people, thereby employing all means to make him lose
the support of his people.

“The media has an interest in
maintaining one Nigeria with those that loot, steal and cheat in the
political landscape. The more Nigeria continues, the more this criminal
and rogues get fatter. All those spreading nonsense about Nnamdi Kanu
know that Nnamdi Kanu is the only person capable of articulating a
policy that can get people out of the mess that we are in. The
government wants us to remain poor, they know what they are saying is
false but they continue to say so.” Nnamdi said.

He also advised
Biafrans and Nigerians to disregard any form of false information being
shared by the government. However, he stated that he is no position to
determine how people consume information.

The IPOB leader challenged the people to question the government on main issues affecting the country.

should be more concerned with the gross abuse of human rights being
perpetrated by  DSS, Police, and Army. They should ask questions on
Amnesty report, the mass grave in army barracks in Onitsha, bad roads
despite the resources in the country and unemployed graduates.”

government understands that Nnamdi Kanu means well for the people,
downtrodden and those who are suffering, so they turn your mind around
because they know you are not disciplined enough to understand that you
need to stand your ground to demand what is yours. That is why it is
very easy to twist the mind of a black mind.” Mr. Nnamdi added.

Mr. Nnamdi reiterated that nothing can make them reverse on their decision from breaking away from Nigeria.

is absolutely nothing anybody can do. We have crossed the point of no
return and there is nothing anybody can do, if I am alive or dead
wherever I may be, Biafra will come. If I die, it will be better because
it will even make it come quicker.”

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Written by Ike Ani

Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.


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