Is Wole Soyinka Leaving America Today or Tomorrow? Check this out

It is said that “Pride goes before a fall” and could that be same with the great Nigerian Professor Wole Soyinka who earlier said that he would tear his American Green passport if Donald Trump ever becomes U.S President. Now that Donald Trump is the President Elect, will Soyinka Pack up and leave America for good or still stay back and blend with the new wind of Change in America? Read On.
We at Gistpark (GP) has an advice for Professor Wole Soyinka this day and that advice is that he should pack every single thing he has and return fully to his father land Nigeria and add more impact to the ministry of Education instead of staying away and interfering with international politics that has no connection with the food on his table. with all due respect to our Laurette, “COME HOME SIR!”

The reason why we suggest he gets himself out of America for good is that Donald Trump will come after every mouth that spoke against him with his political gimmicks and influence openly cause that’s who he is. he is scared of no nation on earth currently. so Oga Professor, Home (Nigeria) is the best option right now.

what do you think? should Prof.Wole soyinka Tear His Green Card and Return home for Good?

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