To relieve fatigue or get rid of boredom, of course you can look for exciting game online to play as the right choice. Because each type of online game can increase dopamine in each player, so that it will increase the level of happiness within oneself through success in winning the game or getting the right excitement from the game. When playing online games, you can now use Android & IOS as a medium to run many exciting and interesting games that can be found on the Playstore & Appstore.

There are many variations of online games that can be enjoyed for free, in the form of strategy, brain teasers, concentration training, and so on. For those of you who love online games, you will definitely be looking for the most interesting and challenging types of games to try. Below, we have recommendations for the best and most popular online games for 2024.

5 Recommendations for the Most Exciting Online Games in 2024

Mobile Legend Bang Bang

Who doesn’t know about the online game Mobile Legend Bang Bang? This game is very popular in almost every country and is one of the games registered in the world championship. Successfully winning in this world competition, you will get a prize worth a large amount. There are 6 game modes that can be enjoyed, namely Classic, Rank, Brawl, Vs AI, Custom and Arcade. Rank Mode is played to increase the status of each ID to reach the highest rank, namely Mythic. When you win each match you will get lots of bonuses and attractive prizes.

Meanwhile, to learn more deeply about the game, you can join in Classic, Brawl or Vs AI mode which does not affect the status ranking when you are losing or winning. This game consists of 2 teams with 5 players on each team. To achieve game victory, you must knock down each other’s Core Towers on the opposing team. The key to success in winning is understanding the Hero’s character, choosing a Hero according to the player’s abilities, and being good at reading game conditions.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the online games that you have to try! Because this game offers high HD graphics that will spoil your eyes. It’s not surprising that this Genshin game has a large file size for downloading game data. Therefore, a high spec smartphone is needed to be able to enjoy this game comfortably. When you have joined the game, you will take on the role of a Traveler whose main mission is to look for lost relatives in a world called Teyvat.

In the Genshin Impact game there are 24 characters who can be played alternately in completing missions or every battle that will be encountered during the journey. Each character has different abilities that can be adjusted to the game conditions they will face. These characters can control 7 elements consisting of Pyro, Anemo, Electro, Cyro, Geo, Dendro, and Hydro.

Arena of Valour (AoV)

The AoV game is also popular with online game lovers because this game has similarities to League of Legends. Having a variety of games and different Hero characters certainly won’t make you feel bored. There are many Hero characters that each player can choose from to defeat the enemy to win the game. The game will start with the Hero level from rank 0. Each player can increase the Hero level higher so they can get attacks of great power by killing forest monsters or defeating opposing players.

With this opportunity, players will also get gold coins which can be used to buy emblems or power plants for their heroes. Apart from that, there is XP which will trigger the player’s level to continue to increase up to the maximum level that has been set. Paralyze all opposing players and destroy the team’s tower to win the game.

Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile combines role-playing, real-time strategy and city-building mechanics. This game is very popular in PvP mode (Player vs Player) which requires each player to develop a base and prepare a large army to defeat the opposing player’s base. Immobilize opposing players as quickly as possible so as not to destroy the team’s protective fortress. When you succeed in breaking down and entering the opposing team’s area, you will lead the game and win it.

Players need the best troop formation strategy so they can defend their own area and paralyze enemy troops more easily. To increase your self-confidence before starting the game, you can watch several videos on YouTube that have prepared winning tactics and strategies that you can apply.

Lineage 2 : Revolution

The Lineage 2 Revolution game could be the best choice for you to enjoy. This game adventure will take you into a world filled with many enemies that must be defeated in order to get gold, XP, and items that can improve your Hero character. Continue to appear in battle so you can raise your level to unlock the best weapons you can get to paralyze the enemy more easily.

Just like MMORPG, players have to create a character and choose their own race consisting of Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Orc, and Kamael. Each race will specialize in different classes such as warriors, mages, and archers. Of course, this game is played online Player Vs Player, Clan Wars, Raids, and a series of missions to advance the storyline.

That’s a collection of the best online games that we have summarized for you online game lovers looking for entertainment and activities to do in your free time. Good luck and discover the excitement of each game.