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What are composition roofs and its usage?

What are composition roofs?

Composition roofs, also known as asphalt shingle roofs, are one of the most popular roofing materials in North America. These roofs are made of a mixture of asphalt and various other materials, such as fibreglass, organic paper fiber, and mineral granules. They are popular due to their durability, affordability, and ease of installation.

Types of composition roofs

They come in a wide range of colours and styles, including traditional 3-tab shingles, architectural or dimensional shingles, and designer shingles that mimic the look of other roofing materials such as slate or wood. They are also available in different grades of thickness and weight, with thicker and heavier shingles typically providing better durability and longevity.


One of the key benefits of composition roofs is their affordability. Asphalt shingle roofs are among the least expensive roofing materials, making them an attractive option for homeowners on a budget. They are also easy to install, which further reduces installation costs.

They are also very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, including high winds, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures. Asphalt shingle roofs have a long lifespan, with most roofs lasting between 20 and 30 years, and some lasting even longer with proper maintenance.

Another benefit is their low maintenance requirements. They are relatively easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a simple mixture of water and mild detergent. They also do not require frequent repairs or replacements, which can save homeowners a significant amount of money over the lifespan of the roof.

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Drawbacks of composition roofs

However, composition roofs do have some drawbacks. They are not as environmentally friendly as some other roofing materials, such as metal or slate, as they are not recyclable. They also have a shorter lifespan than some other materials, such as metal or tile, which can be expected to last 50 years or more.


In conclusion, composition roofs are a popular and affordable roofing material that offers many benefits, including durability, low maintenance, and a wide range of styles and colors. While they may not be the most environmentally friendly or long-lasting option, they are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a cost-effective and reliable roofing solution.





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