Is Delta Extrax Legit?

Is Delta Extrax Legit?

Yes. Delta Extrax (DE) is totally legit.

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I have tried a variety of products in their range, and as you’ll find out below  I was shape shifting in space, wondering how I ended up as high as an astronaut.

DE is Savage Enterprises’ flagship brand. If you’re not aware, Savage Enterprise is a massive company operating in the hemp space with plenty of experience and multiple brands under their belt.  

Although Delta Extrax is relatively new as a name, they were previously called Delta Effex, and Savage Enterprises are OG’s in the vaping industry, having launched back in 2013. 

Their commitment to retail the best products possible extends to their premium hemp brand Delta Extrax. 

In summary, Delta Extrax boasts some seriously high-quality hemp-derived products that will get you seriously buzzed!

Delta Extrax Review Overview

Delta Extrax was recently introduced as Savage Enterprises’ premium hemp extracts brand and has amassed major popularity ever since.

They are a leading brand in the hemp industry that offers an impressive array of unique cannabinoids. Their product range includes flowers, tinctures, vapes, and everything in between. 

Each product is manufactured in Irvine, CA, and made from USA-grown Hemp and primarily plant-based ingredients. 

Self-proclaimed as “the best in the biz at potency” Delta Extrax offers a gummy with 125 mg of THC Isomers. Point well made.

But what makes Delta Extrax exceptionally noteworthy is its use of THC-O, HHC, THCP, and other under-the-radar cannabinoids. 

They specialize in the newest cannabinoids, establishing Dela Extrax as true industry innovators.

All Delta Extrax products are subject to third-party lab testing. The company utilizes a strict two-phase lab testing system to double-check all products for safety and potency. 

As a whole, the brand has an incredible reputation, in part, for its dedication to R&D. This allows them to offer high-quality products in terms of taste, potency, and safety. 

Coming from a well-established brand, Delta Extrax creates superior hemp products backed by ample experience. 

What I like about them: Delta Extrax has some of the most potent hemp products available. They leverage their experience with their commitment to delivering quality products. Whatever they’re doing is clearly working. 

What could be better: They do not list potency on the packaging for vapes and disposables and most of the tests are not full panels so you can’t be sure of testing outside of potency either. For consumers, listing this information readily on the package allows them to be more prepared for the level of stoniness and do so without worry. Which yes. Is high. Very high!


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