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he Four Points by Sheraton brand was announced in 1995 to regenerate the denomination of definite hotels as Sheraton Hostel. This middle-scale of measurement and full-service buildings trade name direct about 135 properties crosswise. Marriott International operates a hotel brand called Four Points by Sheraton that caters to business travelers. The Four Points by Sheraton brand had 53,054 rooms as of June 30, 2020. Marriott had 130 designed hotels with over 27000 extra rooms.


Cardinal Park has everything you demand, considering an outstanding locating. Our visitor rooms and apartment are gleaming and hospitable, where you can decompress and enjoy every convenience of house. The colourful windows have big Characteristic, every apartment offer favorable high speed Wi-Fi to secure you stay connected. Also provide tea and bottled water, flat screen TV, coffee making facilities, large walk in rain-forest showers, and our comfortable Four Points by Sheraton beds, for a comfort nights sleep.

You will get 76 square meters of area designed for your comfortableness  when you stay in one of our apartment. Placed in the Center Park city district, you can heard about the colorful past and creative activity of the national area documented throughout the hotel. Treat yourself to a repast in their restaurant Malt Bar or The Central Quarter. It is adjacent to many entertainment options, shopping and feeding. The hotel is next to the airport.

Notable Properties:

The first US-managed hotel in Cuba since 1960 opened in June 2016 with the conversion of the existing Hotel Quinta Avenida. The US ordered Marriott on June 5, 2020.  Marriott’s license to operate in Cuba was suspended by the Trump administration.

Brand Profile:

Four Points is a fresh traveling brand. Guests can comfort and feel relax at Four Points, which is the center of business and pleasure. Four Points is planned for the autonomous traveller and offers dateless variety and condition. Along with authentic service Everything that matters all. Four Points hotels can be recovered in the district, on the beach, or in the suburbia. All buildings offers a acquainted and reliable awareness of the national, friendly assistance that allows customer to loosen up.

It also provide wind off, also watching national sports, and enjoy the brand’s Champion Brews project. Best Brews provides guests with the chance to sample craft beers and enjoy authentic local flavors at every hotel pub across the brand’s 200+ property portfolio with each brew strategically chosen for its unique flavor, popularity and quality ingredients. Free in-room water, public free Wi-Fi, and more are offered by Four Points, which is committed to improving productivity while on the road. Four Points is 4th in whole figure of attribute open external of North America among Marriott Global biography.

Four Points Sheraton’s  Details:


Parents Marriott International
Founded 1995
Locations More than 300 hotels worldwide.
Media Contacts: Christine Lin – – 1 (301) 380-4906
Brand Segment Classic Select
Social Media Stay connected to Four Points on Facebook
Key Brand Executives Eric Jacobs, Senior Vice President, Global Brand Leader, Select Brands.


Global growth:

Four Points by Sheraton is on track to expanding its global presence. Over the coming years with 16 hotels altogether encompassing 3,407 rooms to open in 2022, followed by 26 hotels with 5,726 rooms in 2023, seven hotels with 1,690 rooms in 2024 and three hotels with 459 rooms in 2025. There are 32 Four Points by Sheraton arrivals in Asia with 7,272 rooms. There are eight hotels in Africa, five in North America, and four in the Middle East. Two hotels with 300 rooms are to open in South America and one hotel with 97 rooms is open in Europe. China has the most Four Points by Sheraton developments with 24 of the brand’s hotels on the horizon. Three of the brand’s new properties will be opening in India and Canada.

Exciting developments:

Noteworthy projects on the horizon for the brand include the late 2022 opening Four Points by Sheraton Bintan.  Lagoi Bay in Indonesia, the also late 2022 opening Four Points by Sheraton Jiayuguan in China and Four Points by Sheraton Langley. That is yet to reveal an opening date, in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Guests will be placed on the beachfront within the Lagoi Bai mixed-use development.

The facilities here is including a spa, fitness center and pool. It has also a business center and 800 square meter of function space.The brand’s Best Brews program will be offered at the resort as a part of its dining and drinking concept. Business and leisure travelers will be welcomed at the Four Points by Sheraton to close to a number of historic sites. There will be a ballroom for events at the hotel. Four Points by Sheraton Langley is a dual-branded development that also houses a Marriott property. The shared space will include a restaurant and lounge, a pool and fitness center, a business center and 8,000 sq feet of event space.


Excellent cooking is one of the most essential characteristics of GHL hotels. In every of our hotels you can enjoy the finest cooking. With super class restaurants and exerciser to began the day with full strength, enjoy individual get together and, of course, manage meetings, relish the finest component in the exceeding dishes precooked by our renowned cooks. The Cooks Restaurant at the Four Points By Sheraton Bogota Hotel offers the finest national and international flavors. From Monday to Wednesday, Thursday buffet and Friday of regional meal are exclusive to our chefs selection. There is a liqueur and cocktail service at our Happy Hour.



The Four Points did not do much to exceed my expectations, but it did meet my expectations. The Corner Room mostly satisfied my needs, and the breakfast benefit was more comprehensive. I will not rule out a repeat stay at the Four Points by Sheraton, even though there are no Marriott properties in town. The most significant museum in New Zealand is located atop a hill in the middle of the city. It was not long until the clock struck closing hour that I learned about New Zealand and the people who lived there.

Most of the hotel staff spent yesterday packing and wrapping furniture. The Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan is a four-star hotel with over 300 rooms, nine suites, and 10 meeting rooms. During better times, the hotel hosted government and private functions, as well as weddings in its ballroom. It is located in the heart of Sandakan town and is attached to Harbour Mall Sandakan and a cinema. There is no information on the closing of the hotel on the Four Points by Sheraton Facebook Page. The last post by the hotel was on April 9, and it stated that the hotel will put on its rooms lights. That will show a smile and a feeling of togetherness in the city of Sandakan.



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