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Five Perfect Gifts for a First Time Homeowner

It is an extremely exciting thing to be a first time homeowner. Whether you’re doing this by yourself as a solo venture, or you and your partner are taking a big leap together, homeownership is a very thrilling chapter to step into. There are also a bunch of responsibilities that get added onto your shoulders when you decide to purchase a house, but save those for later. At the beginning, it’s more than acceptable to just bask in the feeling and pride that comes along with being a first time homeowner. 


Not to mention, as a first time homeowner, you get to throw a housewarming party for your friends and your family. As is custom in many places, the guests of a housewarming party arrive with a housewarming gift. This is the fun part for the guests. They get to bring you something that can help you settle into your new home, and will hopefully remind you of them every time you see it or use it. The following are a variety of excellent gifts for a first time homeowner. 

  1. A new Pot and Pan Set

Along with a new home is typically a brand new kitchen. First time homeowners may not have all of the appropriate kitchenware that they need. Even if they do, it could be old, overused, or even just mis-matched. This is what makes a brand new pot and pan set such an excellent housewarming gift. It outfits the kitchen with new pots and pans that can be trusted to cook on, that all match one another, and bring a certain aesthetic to the kitchen itself. 


This is a little bit of an important note to make as you should be careful to really evaluate the homeowners personality. If you’re going to stray from traditional black or gray pots and pans, you should choose a color that you think the homeowner will enjoy. Remember, you aren’t shopping for yourself. 


If you know their favorite color is purple, though, and you can find a set of high quality purple pots and pans, then by all means – go for it!

  1. A Piece of Art

An excellent way to welcome someone into their new home is with a piece of art for home decor. First time homeowners often don’t have nearly the amount of decorations that they want when they’re first settling in and getting themselves situated. 


As such, starting them off with an iconic piece of art that expresses something resonant and impactful to the homeowner will not only be a welcome addition to the aesthetic of the household overall, but will also give the homeowner a starting point from which they can build the rest of their decorations if they so choose. Again, when selecting a piece of art for a first time homeowner, it’s important to keep the personality of the person in mind. You want to find something that will speak to them on a personal level and that they’ll be proud to display in their home. If you know that they are fond of a particular artist or style of art, this can be a good starting point for you to begin the shopping journey. 

  1. A Variety of Tools 

No first time homeowner is going to survive their first year without a set of tools. From screwdrivers to drills, to wrenches and hammers, every homeowner should have a complete set of tools. 


There are a wide variety of complete starter kit toolboxes on the market that come with a variety of useful and common tools. This can be a great package to get for a first time homeowner who likely doesn’t have their own tools already. 

  1. Magnetic Screen Doors

Another excellent choice for a first time homeowner is a screen door with magnets. Magnetic screen doors, or screen doors with magnets, are exactly what they sound like. It’s a pair of heavy mesh curtains that allow a breeze to come through a backdoor, or balcony entrance. 


However, unlike other screen doors, these magnetic screen doors are self-sealing without a doorknob or door handle. Instead, the weight of the screen door with magnets pulls the middle of the mesh curtains together where they seal with the help of the magnets. Screen doors with magnets are also great for the homeowner with pets as these screen doors with magnets allow for easy entrance and exit, while the curtains themselves will always self close. 

  1. Something Personal

When it comes down to it, you should really prioritize personality in a housewarming gift. If you’re close enough with the person to be invited to their housewarming, it’s likely you know them well enough to purchase something that they’ll enjoy and use for years to come. After all, sometimes it really is the thought that matters most. 


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