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BBNaija2020: How To Watch It Without Kids



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The BBNaija2020 has kicked off already and as usual, there are different Buzz everywhere online about the housemate and what they could be made up of. While some viewers anticipate a showcasing of intellect by the housemates, some viewers are anxious to behold romantic and sexual entanglements among housemates.

These activities in the house are business as usual because that is what the show is all about after all. But, this same show is coming up in a season when there is a pandemic and kids are at home all day long with or without their parents. This should seriously be an issue of concern for all well meaning parents out there.

The moral balance of their underage kids should be of paramount interest to them as the BBNaija2020 runs on GOTV, DSTV and more. Should the kids also watch since they are home all through these days due to the COVID-19 lockdown?

So, what then should parents do to prevent their kids from watching adult TV show? Below are some smart steps to take in ensuring that Kids are protected and properly parented in times like this:

1. Lock The TV Channels Showing It

One smart thing to do about parenting your kids with regards to TV channels showing adult contents is to lock such channels with a password known to you alone as parents. This will go a long way to protecting your kids from such contents when you are away from home.


Parenting tip on BBNaija2020

2. Watch Something Else when They Are Around You

Some parents would still want to catch up with the vibes of the show but when the kids are around you in the sitting room, endeavour to watch something else on TV. Avoid the BBNaija2020 show.

It could the moment your kids are watching the show with you that a housemate would decide to be funky with another live on TV. In as much as you like to watch it, it is not safe for your kids.

3. Go Mobile, Set The TV To Safe Mode

If you are having difficulties catching up with the show because your kids seem to be home all day, simply go mobile by downloading your TV Channel provider app on Google playstore and sign in with your account and get hooked on to your favourite TV shows. GoTV and DSTv have such apps for smartphone users. Get one for yourself and set the home TV to safe mode for the sake of the kids.

Goodluck with that to all parents.

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Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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TACHA Vs MERCY: Who Invested Wisely With The #BBNaija Fame?




#BBNaija Mercy and Tacha XNXX Sex Video Leaks

The 2019 #BBNaija season is long gone by several months now and all the housemates who made appearances have moved on with their lives. Some got endorsements as well but the unique rivalry between two female housemates; Tacha and Mercy made the past episode unique.

So what we want to analyze from your inputs after reading this is, who among Tacha and Mercy invested wisely with the fame gotten from the show? We can see that Tacha despite the fact that she was disqualified from the show still trends and has maintained her social media trending status.

Tacha recently, was almost blackmailed by some hungry bloggers with a Nude photo leak which was clear to be a photoshopped photo with her face. The tattoo on the left arm in the image proved she was not the one.

Despite the attempted blackmail, Tacha still trends without loosing any endorsements at all from Brands whose ambassador she is. Currently in the COVID-19 lockdown, Tacha has given out lots of financial and material support to her fans and non-fans.

Mercy on the other hand who also emerged winner of the 2019 BBNaija season has since with her new found love during the show Ike started a Reality TV Show named “Mercy and Ike Show” which is shown on DSTV weekly. The show has gained fans over time as it seems to be intriguing to fans online and offline.

Haven seen all that the two main rivals of the #BBNaija 2019 season have started out for themselves, who would you say among the two invested wisely with money and Fame?

Drop your comments in the comment box below.

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BBNaija18’s Bam Bam, Teddy A Meets Up With Lasisi Elenu (PHOTO)




Lasisi Elenu, Bam Bam, TeddyA, BBNaija

BBNaija 2018 housemates Bam Bam and TeddyA hanged out with Nigeria’s No. 1 Ranter Lasisi Elenu for some yet to be known reason. Lasisi Elenu took to his Instagram fan page to share photos of himself and them.

Lasisi Elenu, Bam Bam, Teddy A, BBNaija

Lasisi Elenu,  bam bam,  TeddyA


We sense some great collaboration is coming up soon between them on some entertainment package.Ā  Let’sĀ  keep our fingers crossed.


What do you think šŸ¤”?Ā  Drop your comments šŸ‘‡ šŸ‘‡ šŸ‘‡


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