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Hushpuppi Misused His Cyber-Security Skills And Became A Criminal (READ THIS)



Hushpuppi Net worth crime and Arrest

For a week now, Hushpuppi has been trending on social media especially within the Nigerinan cyber space where his lifestyle was seemingly a role model for some young peeps. Millions follow him on Instagram and regarded him as a celebrity.

Hushpuppi trended most of the time because he found it very safe and easy to flaunt his wealth on social media. All his shopping and properties were post threads to those who cared always to follow up with his activities on social media.

Hushpuppi shopping photos

While Hush was doing all this, he never knew he was being watched on a radar for some time now. That is not even the onus of this post. Hush’s wealth source was questioned by many but a large number of his wealth-blinded followers regarded such questions as posts born out of hate and jealousy.

Hush due to the fame he attracted to himself on social media at some point began beefing Nigerian musicians like Phyno and Timaya. The beef lasted for some months and Phyno’s song “Telli Person” which encourages individuals on working legit is right now the song many use while mocking Hush on his arrest by the interpol in Dubai.

Hush cars


While many have expressed shock at the details that pointed out that Hush has scammed about 1.9 Million victims worldwide and made about N168 Billion (Naira) from defrauding them, many shy away from what would have become of Hush if he had used his skills positively in the society he found himself.

Probably, Hush did not see using the skills in a positive way as an important thing to do but rather chose the path to destruction. Most scammers always get caught in their own web after greed must have driven them into setting up a syndicate for scamming people of their hard earned money.

Reports showed that Hush and his team would create fake landing pages for payments for different financially related websites for making certain kinds of payments and hence divert funds to their own accounts. Doing this is a heck of a job.

This skill is not a day’s job. It takes weeks to achieve. This is why making use of it in a positive way should have been Hush’s desire but the negative was his choice.

If he had shared these loopholes he and his team used in scamming people for years, maybe he would have been earning well and living a decent, crime-free like as his cyber-security career will be skyrocketing by the day. But, greed ate his conscience and landed him in big international trouble.

Hush with Benjamin Mendy
Hushpuppi with Benjamin Mendy

Many back in Nigeria desired to be like Hushpuppi without knowing what exactly he does to make money but i guess they will soften their pedals now and make adjustments as regards the lifestyle they choose to go by.

There is no excuse for crime in any part of the world.

Right now in the world, there are about 500,000 – 1,000,000 jobs in the cyber-security job category. So the few who are ripe with cyber security skills should try to get those available jobs instead of behaving like Hushpuppi.


Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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Celebrity Leaks

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Dr Toolz Tweet

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OAP Dr.Toolz tweets

The OAP could be seen sharing a Forsage whatsapp group link in the comment section of her tweet. So, one could simply deduce that she made the tweet to chase clouts for her Forsage referral bids. That is quite pathetic because there are better tweets to make to chase clouts for crypto activities order than hurt some group of people to make money.

Her Forsage clout chasing tweet

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Her Instagram post

Busola Dakolo trended in the rape circle last year when she recounted a 20 years ago rape incident involving herself and Pator Fatoyinbo of COZA ministries. She alleged that he raped her when she was younger. The matter was charged to court where Busola reportedly lost although she is still pushing hard on the case.

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A lot has happened in that time: and my heart is glad that consciousness continues to be raised about the great evil that sexual abuse is, and how widespread it is, and how much women are at risk, and why we need to ensure justice for those who find the strength to speak out.

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Timi Dakolo stood by her in all these as he used his social media handles as well as press conferences to support his wife’s struggle with the alleged rape case.

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