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$311M Abacha Loot: The Political Demons And Their Stealing Webs



The $311M Abacha loot trends right now as many Nigerians are seeing it as a great income for us as a nation. Some have referenced the Late Military Leader Sani Abacha as a good leader who sends credit alerts to his nation from the land of the Dead.

While many laugh over this, they loose touch of the fact that there are hundreds of men right now in Nigeria who are more worse than Abacha. For the them, the $311M loot being recovered is a credit alert for their political b*llshits as usual.

In little or no while, the Nigerian media will carry nasty news about what the money will be used for and BOOM! there won’t be any form of detailed accountability on how it was spent.

From some point of view, it is better nations with Abacha’s loot keep it forever with them till the end of time because repatriating them back to Nigeria is like enriching some set of insensitive humans who don’t care about the nation, talk more of its citizens.


The $311M Abacha loot sounds juicy and more like a blessing to Nigeria but in real sense, it is nothing but an additional fund to boost more trouble for Nigeria as a Nation.

If only Nigerians would have their eyes opened to what these funds recovered have been used for, they would hold their leaders by the balls to give account in details for these recovered loots.

Some political parties are already confirming the drama that is to come by their recent childish war of words against each other on the Abacha loot.

Nigeria is indeed blessed but her political demons outweighs her strength to be great the way she should.

They praise and announce their loyalty and patriotism to her yet they rape her mercilessly every day on a 12 rounds bases.

Nigeria as a woman, needs a therapy and Rehabilation because she is right now so sick and depressed.

Say a prayer for Nigeria today.


Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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