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The Bastard Called Poverty



The widow cried so hard all day, her tear ducts literally dried up. Her soul was bitter, her face a mask of different painful expressions all at once. Her children sat in despair a few meters away.

The evening cold was starting to bite into their bodies as they shivered uncontrollably. It was not just the pain that death had forced prematurely on them; it was truly cold outside where they huddled together for warmth.

Having served Nigeria meritoriously for many years, their father had died in the line of duty. Within two days, the organization he had worked for, one of Nigeria’s topmost security agencies, evicted the family from his official residence.

Within just a few days.

The accidental widow with no money and no hope for the immediate and distant future called unto the universe. She wept for her late husband. She blamed him for dying; if he had stayed alive nobody would dare to treat them like slaves in their own country.

Somebody somewhere was speaking to another somebody who had resources and a heart filled with empathy.

While the widow and her children cried, starved, and shivered in the dark, cold night, that somebody with a good heart ordered that a three bedroom house be bought for them immediately. Not rent. He paid to buy the house and gave that widow and her lovely children shelter (one of the most basic human needs) forever.

Atiku saved them.

I greeted every elderly person that walked into that beautiful office in Asokoro.

I had been seated for twenty minutes as I waited my turn to speak with the big man. Suddenly this frail looking man, long of years and swaggering in a slightly bent manner, walked in. He was spotting a kaftan.

Due to his age the big man’s orderly let him jump queue and go in before those of us who had been waiting.

I was sat closest to the door leading to the big man’s office. I overheard the conversation; the old man had only come to thank the big man for an assistance rendered recently.

As he was about to leave, the big man routinely asked after the old man’s son. Apparently he had not seen the boy for a while.

“He made good grades in school. He’s gotten admission to study for his Masters but…” the old man’s voice faded before he could finish the sentence.

The big man understood.

He asked how much the fee was. The answer was in the millions of naira.

“Say no more.” He instructed that double that figure be released to enable the young man go and study in relative peace of mind.

I asked him why he was so kind.

He said, “Mike, young people are the future of Nigeria, if not the present. In our time education was mostly free. We were privileged. But now we must do what we can to ensure that your generation gets the best possible education so that today’s complex nation will not overwhelm you guys as you begin to take over leadership of Nigeria.”

The next day I saw that young man, his old father, and his excited mother return to express gratitude. The big man would have none of it. He told them that the glory belonged to Allah.

Atiku came to the rescue.
I would talk about a lot of more heart-piercing interventions that Atiku Abubakar GCON has carried out in rural areas, cities outside his immediate ethnic communities (he has wives from other regions in Nigeria too) but space would not afford me the luxury.

But there is something about a man’s aura, the purest essence of his existence, that rubs off on any project he touches.

Something about Atiku makes poverty become wealth, pain become joy, and impossible become nothing as the Waziri breathes life into it. Be it business, official assignments, and charity interventions.

He does it different and the remarkable thing is, he does not do it to be recognized; it is who he is. The man loves to educate, revive, and empower. He hates to see suffering around him.

You know that story they say about rich men who build mansions in environments populated by wretched people? And how such men have to drive their Rolls Royce through slums to get to their mansions? Atiku loves to have his friends uplifted too, so that they can help him uplift others, and the chain continues to link up more and more people.

He believes in wealth creation, provision of, not just the basic human needs but, systems that encourage and enable citizens to create wealth.

It is this mindset that he applies to leadership. It is a healthy mindset for Nigerians to be part of. A Nigeria where majority of the citizens have access to the tools necessary to create employment, secure those jobs, feed families, grow businesses, and generally live better lives, is the natural mission he has tasked himself with.

If you remove yourself from the shackled pettiness of propaganda you will see why our nation needs a certain national character that Atiku possesses. It’s not just about oral eloquence; Nigeria is too complex now to depend on simplistic things.

We need an experienced warrior to steady the ship and unite the tribes. We need one who has empathy. Anybody can attempt to lead. But not everyone can pretend to be empathic. That one is a God-bestowed quality; if you don’t have it, you don’t.

Given our present circumstances I like to believe that we all realize how a man’s aura, his divine essence, can affect the entire nation negatively or otherwise.

Poverty is a bastard and anyone who glorifies poverty will leave you in abject poverty while expecting you to be grateful that you are not dead, only poor.

Call him what you like, Atiku Abubakar has the correct personality to lead Nigeria at this point. I know because I have encountered and experienced the man.

You should too.

Michael Achimugu writes from Abuja

Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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5 Nigerian Politicians That Tested Positive To COVID-19




politicians covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked havock in many countries worldwide, shutting down businesses and more.

Many nations’ economy have suffered huge drops and alot have changed in terms of economic activities.

The pandemic has proven to have no favorites as every social strata can be affected by it. Nigeria is not left out on the list of countries affected.

As at the time of writing this article, Nigeria has about 5,100+ cases of COVID-19. While some Nigerians believe this, some others doubt and have tagged it a politicized virus on Nigeria’s shores.

Following mainstream media reports from March 2020, recall that both politicians and celebraties were affected by this outbreak.

Here in this article are the list of some Nigerian politicians that contracted the deadly coronavirus.

While some recovered fully, one died as numerous reports blamed his previous health challenges.

1. Abba Kyari (1952-2020)

Abba Kyari while alive was the chief of staff to the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. Abba Kyari served the nation and while doing that contracted the virus.

He eventually died on the 17th of April 2020 due to the complications caused by the COVID-19 within his system according to reports.

2.Governor Nasir El-rufai

The Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai announced that he tested positive to COVID-19 himself .

The governor tested positive to the virus on the 28th March 2020. He has been under going treatments since then.

3.Governor Bala Monhammed

Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed tested positive to the dreaded Coronavirus last month. However, Governor Bala after receiving treatments tested negative after being tested on 9th April 2020.

He has since resumed work at the governemnt house and as well encouraged the use of malaria drugs in the fight against the COVID-19.

4.Raymond Dokpesi

Raymond Dokpesi the Founder of DAAR Communications earlier tested positive to the Virus alongside other members of his family but fortunately, he tested negative after receiving treatments.

He was declared neagtive on 14th May 2020. He however lamented over the poor Medical infrastructures in Nigeria.

He called upon the Federal Government to look into ways to improve the healthcare systems in the country.

5.Frank Okiye

The Edo State House of Assembly speaker Frank Okiye on 25th March 2020 tested positive to the Virus. His status then made the Edo state Governor Godwin Obaseki go into self isolation .

However, on 24th April after receiving treatments, the Speaker tested Negative.

The Edo state government in a bid to curb the spread of the Virus decided to set up screening centres all around the state’s borders.

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The Political Agenda For Repatriating Almajiri Boys To Southern Nigeria





Currently amidst the Coronavirius pandemic, many Northern States are actively repatriating large numbers of Almajiri young boys from one state to another but the part that makes it sound security threatening is that the practice of having almajiri boys within communities is not a common phenomena or religious practice in the southern region of Nigeria.

Some southerners have tagged the move of sending Almajiri boys down to the south as political and as well as religious with a terror plan underground. While this is unverified, the rate which at which trucks loaded with young boys from the north are trooping into the south is alarming.

The manner with which they try to smuggle them in makes it look like there is more to it. For some, they use trucks for cows to hide the boys. Days ago, a Dangote truck was involved in the smiggling of young boys from the north.

So, is there more to this recent smuggling? If they are not hiding something alongside the trucks, why are they not bold to drive into Southern cities without having to hide under tampoline covers meant for goods? These are questions the governors who are repartraiting almajiris from their states need to answer.

Politically, if we are to analyze this, there is an underground plan that has not been made bare yet as far as this all of a sudden repartriation of young boys are concerned. The Federal Government should not keep quiet about this neither Should southern Governors.

A practice perculiar to the North that doesn’t end well at the end of the day should not be shifted to the south for any reason. These boys they are shifting to the South have no home, family or any relation to stay with when they get to he South.

They will start by joining those Northerners who are predominantly farmers in the south in their humble abode until they seek something terrible to indulge in such as Highway kidnapping in the South-South and South-west regions.

Not judging but if you take note of the culprits behind kidanpping on South-west and some part of South-South highways, they are 70% Northern young men who have relocated to the south with no prior plan on what to do to survive.

Because they moved to the south with no basic plan of what to do, they are easily recruitd by kidnap kingpins in the South to perpetrate all manner of crimes within the regions. This calls for Federal Government attention.

Politically, those behind the all of a sudden shiting of Almajiri boys to the south are seeking a 20-50 years plan to battle for lands and communities in the South in the future. This may be tagged as mere allegations but that is the fact staring at the South.


Move the boys to the remote southern regions, get their hands busy with all manner of activities (Legal or illegal). This gimmick is not easily understood by the people of the South. These boys leverage on this error of the south to have knowledge of all nooks and cranny of the remote southern parts.

Most of the boys being smuggled to the south via different means will not reside within the major cities but will smartly move to the rural areas. In the next 30 – 50 years, they will start claiming lands belonging to communities that housed them for over 40 years.

This method is not new as so many Fulani Normads have employed it severally in Plateau and Benue state in recent times. When this doesn’t go their way, they engage in a heavy masssacre of locals to prove their points.

Is this going to be the reality of some rural areas in the South in the next 50 Years? This should not be seen as a message to preach against one Nigeria because there are Northerners who are based in the Southern Nigeria and are there with good reasons likewise the Southernerns in the North.

Those who choose to smuggle themselves into a region with a decoy method have something devilish and demonic in mind against such regions are enemies of Peace. If one is confident of a good move, he/she doesn’t need to hide to do it.

Why are Almajiri Boys smuggled to the South in fishy ways recently? The Southern Governors should throw this question to the Northern Governors while it is still day.

One Nigeria is very much possible when a Region stops playing devilish moves against others.

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EFCC Donates Allison Diezani’s Mansion To Lagos Govt as COVID-19 Isolation Centre (Photos)




In a bid to support the curbing of the Coronavirus, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Friday, handed over a property forfeited by former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Allison-Madueke to the Lagos State Government.

The seized mansion is to be used as an Isolation Centre for COVID-19 patients.

The property consisting six flats of three bedrooms and a boys’ quarter was forfeited by Diezani, a minister under the Jonathan administration, following an order of Lagos State Federal High in 2017.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, the Lagos Zonal Head of the EFCC, Mohammed Rabo, stated that the gesture was part of the commission’s social responsibility efforts towards the fight against the spread of Corona virus.

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