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Top 5 Nigerian Workplaces Known For Gossips



Nigerian Workplaces and gossips are 5 and 6 as most times, employees are constantly discussing their superiors almost every minute as they work on office files and more. We’ll be listing some workplaces in Nigeria that are predominant in gossiping during office hours. This list is not an overall one but few singling out of five amongst many others.

1.School environment:

Teachers are no doubt future builders for alot of children under their care in the classes but you see, when they’re not teaching, some of them can gossip heavily about either their fellow teacher or the Head Mistress/principal of the school. If you know any teacher, ask him or her if this happens often at their workplaces.

2. Banks:

Aside the beautiful dressing patterns and sweet voices employed by banker to make the workplace classic and customer retaining, amongst them while making photocopies of documents at the office photocopying machine or at the office canteen, some bankers can gossip for africa. Are you wondering what is it they’re gossiping about? They talk more about some colleague’s lifestyle or how that their superiors are not treating them well or how to jump to another bank for a better offer/pay.


3. Shopping Malls:

You see those nice looking sales personnel at the shopping malls? If their discussions about some customers are to be converted into a movie script, it will amount to 100 seasons full of 10s of episodes… 😂.

4. Engineering Workshops:

You see those apprentices at different workshops related to Engineering, they are not left out in this, they sure know how to talk about their masters when he’s not in at work. Most times, these masters they serve are actually most times, wicked and unnecessarily rude to their apprentices during work. To ease pain and have the courage to keep reporting to the workshop everyday, these young ones resort to gossiping about their masters.

5. Hair Dressing Saloons:

If your case is brought up at a hair dressing saloon in Nigeria, just give it up… 😂. They will disect your profile into thousands of sections. Even people who know nothing about you will so talk about you as though they’re your biological brothers and sisters.

Which other Nigerian workplaces is gossiping the order of the day? Drop your comments.


Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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