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“An Average Nigerian Is A Love-Cheat” – New Study



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When it comes to topics of relationship, the male and female genders get emotional and defensive. The reason behind this is simply because both parties always have a point they want to prove as regards different topics being discussed. This new study below points towards the reality that an average Nigerian can become an insensitive love-cheat while in a relationship with an opposite sex.

Considering the current lifestyle of fierce desire to survive and be comfortable at all cost, most Nigerians these days find it easy to twist quotes and theories as regards human relationship to justify their disloyalty to their partners. Many use the slogan “he or she is not the only person on earth”. Cheating has been derailed to be ‘sleeping with a third party while in a relationship with someone else’. Actually, cheating covers or should we say cuts across different dimensions of human behaviour.


In this context, there is no sexual relationship yet but already, emotions have been transferred from one party to another who are not in any official intimate relationship at the moment. A man can cheat on his wife by sharing deep affection and emotions with a female colleague at the office. This is pure cheating irrespective of the fact that there was no sexual contact yet. Many Nigerians are guilty of this act and when confronted, most say: “It is not safe to gather all your eggs in one basket”.

When what should be shared with a lover or partner with whom there is an official relationship such marriage or courtship, is shared with a third party on the grounds of affection and sensual connection, then the perpetrator of this act is a cheat. No two ways about it.

It takes being average to think and behave like this. So, an average thinking Nigerian stands a high chance of being a love-cheat any day, anytime, anywhere. Thinking deeper and above the average is the starting point for you to live above a cheating lifestyle.

In a higher institution somewhere in Nigeria, a survey was quietly taken in different departments and it was discovered that almost 50% of males in a class have the tendencies of bunking their lovers or partners to follow some ladies in their classes.

A second survey was taken on Nigeria’s Facebook space over several months and some new social behaviourial changes found was alarming as regards how quick and desperate an average Nigerian is willing to cheat on his /her partner if given the opportunity. Conclusions were drawn from the threads of comments made by men on some female figures timelines and vice versa. These comments tells what goes through their minds while social networking with others on social media. This is one of the reasons why wives /husbands are taking Facebook messenger and Whatsapp chat history checks on their partners smartphone seriously to see if their partners are cheating on them emotionally and sexually over the internet.

This study after a careful analysis deduce that an average Nigerian whose thinking is average can become an uncontrollable love-cheat when it come to relationships.


Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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Why Twitter Is The Best Pro Freedom Fight Platform




Twitter so far in the entire world has outranked all other social media platforms as regards the use of hashtags to propagate and create awareness for different movements in the world.

Twitter encouraged movements such the #MeToo years back. The platform encouraged so many victims of different forms of assaults to come out and speak. Justice was as well served to those found wanting in different parts of the world.

For over a week now in Nigeria, the youths have used twitter to motivate millions of Young Nigerians to step out and protest against police brutality. The Hashtag #EndSARSNow trended massively, gained the attention of the world. All mega news media houses such as CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and others picked interest to cover protests in different parts of Nigeria.

This movement has since mounted pressure on the Nigerian Police Force to disband the police unit tagged SARS(Special anti-robbery squad) which was found guilty of several killings of innocent youths in Nigeria for the past 10 years +.

After announcing the disband of the unit by the Nigerian police force, the inspector general of police (IGP) announced that a new unit tagged SWAT will be setup to replace the duties of the scrapped SARS unit.

This move by the Nigerian police force spurred more protests across the country by Nigerian youths. To prove that twitter is a pro freedom fight platform, it has allowed the #ENDSARS #ENDSWAT Hashtag movement to thrive without any algorithmic hitches.

The #ENDSARS movement was also made possible by Nigerian celebrities who spear headed the protest in different parts of the country. The likes of Falz, Runtown, Peter Psquare, Flavour, Tacha, Kiddwaya, Tiwa savage, Wizkid Ayo, Davido, Comedian marcaroni and the host of many others.

Foreign celebs were actively involved too. Below are some of their tweets:

Indeed, Twitter is a good platform to fight for freedom and seek quality attentions that can fast track the quest for justice.

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Enugu State Government Unjustly Demolishes The Master Builder Global Church(PHOTOS)




The Master Builder Global Church in Enugu metropolis has just been demolished by Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) unjustly. Prior to this unjust demolition, there was no proper official notice of removal.

This demolition took place while all Church sound and musical equipment worth millions of Naira were still inside.

This demolition has been tagged unacceptable by the entire Church authorities as well as as onlookers who witnessed the event.

The demolition seems to be politically inclined as proper governmental policies as regards building demolition was clearly neglected and taken for granted in this case.

The Master Builder Global Church as at the time of this report haven’t made any official statement in reaction to the shocking event that just took place.

Before this gruesome demolition, here was what the church looked like just this past Sunday:

Below are more Photos showing what this beautiful looking church now looks like after the unlawful demolition.

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OAP Dr.Toolz: “Never Marry A Girl Raised By A Single Mother, You’ll Regret It”




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One of Nigeria’s top female OAP Dr.Toolz has recently sparked an online outrage by reason of her tweet which many found as a rude conclusion based on false judgement and insensitive. Dr Toolz is quite used to such tweets as most of her tweets are usually controversial.

OAP Dr.Toolz tweet reads:

“NEVER marry a girl raised by a single mother, u will forever live to regret it”

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Dr Toolz Tweet

But after the tweet, backlashes from her followers trooped in to depict how insensitive the tweet was considering how much of hurt it can bring those who were raised by a single mother.

Below are some of the backlashes she got for her insensitive tweet:

OAP Dr.Toolz tweets

The OAP could be seen sharing a Forsage whatsapp group link in the comment section of her tweet. So, one could simply deduce that she made the tweet to chase clouts for her Forsage referral bids. That is quite pathetic because there are better tweets to make to chase clouts for crypto activities order than hurt some group of people to make money.

Her Forsage clout chasing tweet

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