How To Find A Wife In Lagos

Finding a wife in Lagos, Nigeria is a serious business.

To Find a wife can be a very tough journey for most Nigerian men as there are tons of principles dished out already in religious settings as regards finding a life partner.  most men in Nigeria find most of the teachings ridiculous as they tag them anti-man considering the level of hardship in the County.  These principles have some tagged the root cause of high number of single over 30 year-old ladies everywhere in Nigeria.

In this article,  Lagos  is our focus for today. If you intend to get a wife in Lasgidi,  here are steps you must take seriously to avoid bringing a time bomb home as a wife.

1. Avoid The Breast-Baring Ladies But…

Hey dear brothers, have you heard that the female boobs is almost officially declared a public body part? So, avoid the ladies that find it so easy to show the whole world their boobs. It clearly shows that they are shameless. Go for decency but even while avoiding the shameless types, do well to check the character.

2. Work on Your Intelligence:

You’ll need to work on your intelligence as a man before going on the journey to find a wife in Lagos.  If you are not logically balanced, you’ll be swept off your feet with women who are knives and gold diggers. There are good women in Lagos but they’re found by only the smart men out there.

3. Be Prayerful:

Before the journey to find a wife in Lagos, do well to pray very well to be safe spiritually. These days, we have women who are diabolic by all means in a bid to find a wife under a man who is a slave to them so they can live as they please. No man wants to live at the terms of a woman but rather, a man prefer robbing minds together with his wife out of understanding and love. Be careful in Lasgidi by praying hard before making a choice.

4. Be Industrious:

Bro, in Lagos, before you find a wife, you need to be industrious in your dealings no matter how small. Don’t be a dummy when it comes to being industrious. Lagos holds a lot of potential for lots of persons who are interested in being industrious within and beyond it. Remember, after marrying her, you’ll need to put food on the table.

5. Be friendly, loving and respectful:

You need to be lovely and homely in Lagos. It is what you are that you attract to yourself. Watch your attitude and not be rude. The hustle in Lagos is high and tough but even at that, learn to be lovely and friendly. Take out time to relate with friends and family. This is a nerve calming exercise that can guide you to find a wife in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria.

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