#AbujaRaid: What Abuja Ladies Should Do To Any Form Of Sexual Harassment By Policemen

The #AbujaRaid which is a trending hashtag on twitter lately is not a good national news at all as the Nation’s dignity is being rubbished by tales of sexual harassment by men on Uniform within Abuja which is the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. The stories shared by several Nigerian ladies who are victims are nothing to write home about the Security agencies. These stories entails crimes such as rape and extortion. This is pathetic.

Names have been trending about the ongoing #AbujaRaid and one of the top names called out is Hajiya Safiya. Many Nigerians are wondering what power she has to do what she is being accused of at the moment. These allegations are not yet ascertained with credible evidence by any law court but the reports are quite nasty. Some are already calling it Policing of female bodies in Abuja while some say it is Sharia Law at a low key in a secular country such as Nigeria.

As a lady living within Abuja, whenever you are harassed by any security agency or any individual seeming to be a government official on the grounds of prostitution, just do the following smartly:

  1. Take note of the person(s) or officers involved, their names and ID numbers
  2. Ensure to be calm and cooperative with their official questioning sessions BUT resist any form of sexual harassment of all sorts.
  3. After every session, fear not, sue the agency or persons involved to court for character defamation and request a public apology from them in the dailies. Note that you can only take these steps when you are 100% sure you are innocent of their allegations.

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