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FULL-TIME: Housekeepers Needed In Canada, Salary – $50,000 |APPLY NOW

Housekeepers job in Canada jobs 2019
Housekeepers job in Canada jobs 2019 You are Reading..

FULL-TIME: Housekeepers Needed In Canada, Salary – $50,000 |APPLY NOW

Mobilize Jobs has wonderful opportunities for dedicated Housekeeping staff (Housekeepers) who are committed to providing a special experience for valued guests. Working with a supportive team, in a busy and dynamic environment, the ideal candidate will demonstrate efficiency and time management, be detail oriented, have great communication skills and helpfully tend to guests.

Responsibilities and Duties:
• Follow regular cleaning and maintenance schedules, liaise with colleagues and supervisor(s), and ensure that all guest accommodations are ideal
• Wipe and sanitize windows, walls, doors and fixtures
• Thoroughly wash and sanitize room showers, toilets, mirrors and sinks
• Vacuum carpets and clean hard floors (e.g., linoleum, tile etc.) using the appropriate product
• Regularly replace and restock room amenities, including towels, soaps and shampoos
• Remove all used bed linens and replace with a fresh set of linens
• Regularly check if room lighting and appliances are in working order
• Complying with work safety practices and ensuring that all rooms attended are up to organizational health and safety standards along with federal, provincial and local safety standards
• Other related duties as required

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