CANADA LOANS: Personal Loan For You, $20,000 (APPLY NOW)

With such a wide variety of personal loans out there, we make it easy to find your best option. Personal loans can help you finance your dreams, whether you’re looking to improve your home, buy a new car or consolidate your debt into one place.

When searching for the best personal loan, the most important factor is you. Your own unique situation, including your past and present financial situation, will determine what you need in a lender.

Our guide will help you navigate the complexities to compare the best personal loan options to match your needs.

Fairstone Personal Loan:

Apply today to get approved for a small to medium personal loan up to $20,000.

Max. loan amount: $20,000
Loan term: 6 months – 5 years
Turnaround time: < 1 Day to process, 14 days for approval
APR: 26.99% – 39.99%. Varies by loan type and province
Fees: Varies by province
Flexible payment options
Affordable monthly payments


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