5 Nasty Women You Must Avoid As A Man

Avoiding these nasty women will be a great relieve to the oppressed men…

Women are no doubt a great blessing to mankind. Their roles can’t be underestimated as they are just customized to their way of life that helps mankind big time but you see, there are some women despite the great blessing ‘women’ bring to man, that must be avoided. We want to talk about the nasty women here.

There are 3 categories of nasty women to avoid as a man if you really want to achieve a lot in any area of your life. Let’s roll….

1. Women who think less of men:

Okay! This heading summarizes a lot but i will try my best to break it down for better understanding. Any woman you meet that seeks any form of opportunity to slander the gender ‘male’ all in the name of ‘feminism’ should be fiercely avoided. Have little or nothing serious to do with such because no matter how much a good man you are , she has judged you already even before she knew you. This type of nasty women are on the rise these days. You can note on social media platforms via their updates and more. Take note and stay clear off their path.

2. The violent woman:

If she is always violent at any little moment of provocation, finds it very easy to use any object around her to attack you, avoid her. Have nothing to do with nasty women that fall into these category. There have been records of women who killed their husbands. Take cover early instead of being recorded in the casualty history book of domestic violence.

3. The Madam Queen:

If she has the mentality that she is to be served always, avoid her and have nothing to do with her. She doesn’t fit in because life is not like that for even the richest one still do certain things for themselves.

4. The friend hater:

If she finds it so easy to criticize all your friends (especially the good ones), hating on them all the time and wants you to dump all of them, avoid her. She’s nothing but a life wrecker and will soon hibernate your life.

5. The discourager:

If any time, you share your goals and visions of life with her she discourages and gives not positive input to help you stand tall, avoid her and have nothing to do with her. She is a burden and more like a curse on your journey to a bright future.

What other category of nasty women should a man avoid? Drop your comment below

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