Ladies Do You Like It When Your Man Does This?

Public display of affections adds flavour to relationships.

When it comes to public display of affection(PDA), ladies have different tastes and how they want it done means a lot to a man winning their hearts over and over again though they are both in love already.

A twitter user @OlisaOsega decided to tweet an +18 rated photo showing a man tapping his hands in between a woman’s laps and posed the question:

“Ladies, do you like it when your man does this?”

Other female twitter users swamped in on his tweet to express how they would feel if that was them as seen in the photo he tweeted . See his tweet below:

Ike Ani: @ Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.