Dr. Sebi Movie: Nick Cannon Reacts To Death Threats

Can Nick Cannon Finish what Nipsey Hussle started?

After the death of Nipsey Hussle months back, many underground stories has it that one of the core reasons why he was murdered was because he was about to make Dr. Sebi theory go viral worldwide. Now, the next guy on the threat row is Nick Cannon but he took to his Instagram fan page to make it clear to the world that he’s not scared at all of any threat.

It was reported that Nick Cannon is working a documentary movie on Dr.Sebi and that the project has attracted attentions from all corners of the media as it did to Nipsey Hussle while alive . Dr. Sebi theory seems to have caused a lot of buzz in the United States as his case in court over the years made it look like a racial war between whites and blacks . Many black people see it as a hate move against blacks because most believe that Dr. Sebi theory is a breakthrough that the whites can’t stand.

Below is Nick’s reaction to the said threats….

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