6 Habits That Can Kill You While Driving

Your car is not a toy. So, watch what you do while driving.

Driving is fun but it can end your stay on earth if you are so careless while driving. In this post, we will be looking at diverse crazy things people do while driving that can lead to fatal accidents which also leads to death.

After buying your dream car, it is also important that you don’t let your dream car bring your death. There is a strange feeling of lordship that dawns on persons who drive daily. They feel they can do and undo while on transit on highways. Wrong driving habits have led to millions of death worldwide.

So, check out these wrong habits while driving to see if you have been playing with your life which has no spare.

1. Chatting while driving:

Social media is fun these days as you can be multitasking on diverse platforms all at the same time but, that fun time or business time on social media has moments it should be suspended. Chatting with your friends while driving could keep you unconscious of what’s going on the road and before you get it right, you could be waking up on the hospital bed. Watch it.

2. Over-speeding while on a Congested/narrow road:

Over-speeding can be fun as seen on fast and furious Hollywood movie but in real life, it is pretty a stupid thing to do while on a narrow road. Narrow roads could mean a congested one. When the road is congested or narrow, be wise enough to step down your speed to keep your life with you while you may.

3. Making Voice/Video Calls while driving:

On this one, i know many would find it easy to argue but actually, making voice or video calls while driving is very wrong and this is why road traffic wardens in some countries can get you arrested cause you are not just endangering yourself but others around you as well. You could loose control while driving.

For those who use car Phone-tripods to station their phones while making video calls, you will tend to once in 5 minutes loose focus on the road as you try hard to look at the person you are talking with. This is very risky!

4. Playing loud music:

Flashy cars these days comes with full music blasting features that makes it so easy to use one’s car to hold a night party without hiring a DJ at all. This feature was not meant to injure you in anyway but your misuse of it can lead to accidents you could have avoided while driving.

When loud music is ‘on’ in your vehicle, you will find it hard to hear the horn of cars behind yours and guess what happens when it is a huge truck. You could play smart using a side mirror to cover up this erroneous habit of playing loud music but it is possible to run into trouble due to loud music. Enjoy cool music while driving but don’t make it become a risk.

5. Eating while on the steering:

We can be so hungry and in a haste all at the same time. At points like this, you could find yourself trying to multitask by eating while driving. This can lead to avoidable accidents while on transit. Learn to either eat before or after driving but certainly not while on the steering wheel

6. Making up while driving(Ladies):

It is very necessary to look good while going to work but that should be done while still at home or when you’ve gotten to the office. Trying to make up while on the steering wheel is very wrong and life threatening.

Moments you want to do some both hands finishing touches to your make up could be the moment an emergency pops up on the road and the probability of you being incapable of controlling the situation is very high and you already know what the end looks like. Cars are not toys!

What other wrong habits  should people avoid on the car steering? Drop your contributions in the comment section below.

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