Top10 Best Of Rudeboy Psquare Songs(MP3 Download)

Rudeboy has released great songs lately. Here they are…Enjoy the list!

top 10 songs of Rudeboy Psquare

Rudeboy of Psquare is really making great songs since himself and his Twin brother Mr.P decided to call it quit with the duo singing career known as PSquare back then. It was really painful for their millions of Fans across Africa to accept it but it was a choice they really desired to take for a better future as regards their music career and goals. Rudeboy of Psquare has been releasing some real cool songs since 2017 till date and we have decided to list his top 10 best songs here for you to see and equally check out.

Before we drop the list of his best songs, lets have a look at his short biography below:

Peter Okoye(a.k.a Rudeboy)’s history shows that he was born in Anambra state, eastern Nigeria. By the PSquare Fans evaluation on social media over the years, he seems to be a better dancer than his twin brother Peter (Mr.P). Paul Okoye(Rudeboy)’s date of birth is November 18th, 1981.

Here goes the best of Rudeboy….

  1. “Reason With Me” – Rudeboy
  2.  “Chizoba” – Rudeboy
  3.  “Double Double” – Rudeboy
  4.   ” Together” – Rudeboy
  5.   “Somebody Baby” – Rudeboy
  6.   “Is Allowed” – Rudeboy
  7.   “Report My Case” – RudeBoy
  8.   “IFAi” – Rudeboy
  9.    “Reality” – Rudeboy
  10.    “Downtown” – Rudeboy

Above are the top 10 songs by Rudeboy. They are all recent songs ranging from 2018  – 2019. You can watch his latest official Video release on “Reason with me” below

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