Tesla Electric Cars And Africa’s Poor View Of Technology

Just when humans thought solar energy is limited in use, Tesla, Inc showed up with a wow package

tesla electric cars

It’s no longer news that Tesla Inc is a car manufacturing company that has decided to make positive use of the solar energy to make life more bearable for humans on earth. Tesla Electric cars are currently trending and according to car forecasts, these sets of wonderful cars that uses solar energy to power itself will become so popular worldwide by 2035. This is good news right? Wait until you see how some African countries view the Tesla Electric cars. 

Africa by weather forecasting is no doubt a hot region meaning they get more scorching sun during the day than other continents but they find it hard to make use of the solar energy which they have in abundance. Considering these facts of hight quantity of solar energy in Africa, Companies like Tesla Inc should have branches all over Africa for maximum production. But the questions is, Are African governments ready to give their nation a chance to experience the 21st century wonder of technology. 


Lately, a country situated in west Africa( Nigeria) via it’s Parliament, passed a bill forbidding the sales of Electric cars in the country by 2035. It is quite pathetic how African countries limit their thinking to only the sales of natural resources they have. Basically, Nigeria rejected a technology that is yet to cross her shores before hand all because as a nation, they want to make money from oil but they forgot that it is possible for other African nations to embrace the use of solar energy to power cars instead of fuel. This would leave Nations like Nigeria behind so badly with little or no much customers from around Africa in like 50 years of electric cars taking over the continent. 


There are diverse ways the idea of using solar energy to power cars can benefit African countries financially. Since these nations have much solar energy, they can venture into the production of indigenous cars made in Africa using solar energy in place of fuel. This can span across other fields other than automobile. But, for this to become a reality in Africa in few decades, African Governments must see ideas such as using solar to power an automobile as an opportunity to move their nations forward to bigger economy by value. 

If you’ve been wondering what Tesla, Inc is , See more details about them below as stated on their ‘about us page’ :

Tesla, Inc. is an American automotive and energy company based in Palo Alto, California. The company specializes in electric car manufacturing and, through its SolarCity subsidiary, solar panel manufacturing.

You can make an order on Tesla’s website here

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