Kodak Black Gets Beaten By Nipsey’s Fans (VIDEO)

Kodak Black refused to watch his mouth about a man who was loved by all hence, his ass hot whooped real good.

Kodak Black has been talking trash about Nipsey Hussle till after his death and he wouldn’t know any boundary even after several top Hip-Hop stars like T.I lashed him out on instagram.

Kodak Black got beat up last night – by Nipsey Hussle fans. Kodak has been trending on social media, ever since he made “disrespectful” comments towards Nipsey’s widow Lauren London.

Kodak went on social media three days after Nipsey’s murder – to “shoot his shot” at the grieving widow. Most felt that Kodak’s comments were horribly insensitive, and many of Nipsey’s fans are furious with Kodak.

The comments were met with rage from fellow rappers T.I. and The Game, with Big Boy also posting a lengthy message about the insensitive remarks. After offering up a semi-apology, Kodak returned to Instagram Live to bring the situation up again, this time saying that T.I. was only mad because he wanted “first dibs” on Lauren London.

And last night, Kodak got HANDS AND FEET put on him.

It all popped off at Kodak’s concert at the Ritz in Raleigh, North Carolina. There was tension in the sold out crowd – as Kodak was BOO’D multiple times in the evening.

The 21 year old Florida rapper ignored the fan reaction, and tried to give his best performance. And it was going along fine, until Kodak decided to crowd surf in the audience.

Once Kodak jumped off the stage into the crowd, a few angry Nipsey Hussle fans jumped into action and started beating Kodak.

As the below video shows, Kodak was repeatedly punched and kicked by a few angry fans. While most were happy and excited to see Kodak – a few attacked the rapper.

Security had to pull him out of the crowd as he was being pummeled by the few upset fans.

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