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How To Feed Your Family With Your Smartphone

Smartphones are goldmines if you know how to dig it for money

Smartphone for making money

Smartphones are not called ‘smart’ for nothing. They hold a lot in stock for anyone that is willing to dig deep into tapping the whole dividends hidden in them. The margin for technological exploration in the 21st century is so wide that there are so many mobile phones to buy to make lots of money with and be able to take care of your family on a daily basis.

We’ll be looking at certain self-reliant money making strategies one can try using just a smartphone and at a long run be able to take care of a family comfortably. Let’s make it snappy in a list first before we take some detailed explanation below.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Browse The internet, Watch Videos and get Paid
  4. Blogging/Vlogging


1. Affiliate Marketing: 

With a smartphone, you can become an affiliate marketer of an online business hub by marketing products and parting with commissions right from your sitting room in the world of today. All you need to do is seek out some good sales hub to affiliate with and recommend their products to your friends and family using your own affiliate link and enjoy the profit therein.


2. Social Media Marketing:

Today, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have given its users huge opportunities to market any product they have to sale. To do this, you can either choose between using your timeline or a Facebook Page specifically created for your products sales. This gives you an edge to make a good amount of money. You can also run Facebook page ads to target customers that are so far from you but of cause are on social media. 


3. Browse the internet,  Watch videos and Get Paid: 

Yeah! you heard that right. You can make some good cash your family by just watching videos on the internet. These days, smartphones are so affordable as data subscriptions are becoming averagely affordable too. You  can leverage on the good features your smartphone has as regards accessing the internet and watch videos to get paid. 

If you are wondering how, here are some apps you can download to make money watching videos on the internet.


4. Blogging/Vlogging:

Although this method of making money involves lots of creativity and deliberate hard work, it is a goldmine if you can give it a try with just your smartphone. There are different platforms you may want to use to start a blog. Two of the most popular platforms are; Blogger and wordpress. With wordpress, you can try out so many features via plugins that gives you an edge unlike the blogger but whichever suits what you would love to blog about, go for it.

As regards Vlogging, you can use Youtube, setup a channel for yourself but of cause, you must have thought of what is it you will like to dish out there to your audience.


Now you can see that some good money can be cashed out from using your smartphone which can be a bonus to feed your family with. Do let us know what you think about making money with your phone in the comment box down below. 

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