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Do You Know Your Clothes Can Kill You? Read This!

Your clothes can kill you in so many ways you can’t imagine at all.  It takes time but it’s possible



Now, this may be scary to you but just take a deep breath before you read this short insight I’ve got for you here.  Your clothes can kill you in so many ways you can’t imagine at all.  It takes time but it’s possible if you’re the type that doesn’t pay keen attention to certain details of modesty and hygiene.  let’s roll into the details that would help you use your clothes for body covering and fashion based goals carefully with a high interest on being healthy and safe altogether.

Here are few points that shows how your very own clothes can become an enemy to your well-being on a daily basis.

1. Putting on a once worn cloth : 

Many atimes,  we feel like to reuse clothes without washing them because the previous time we wore them,  we didn’t sweat at all or maybe just a little and to that effect,  we feel safe in it.

Your clothes images

How is this life threatening? 👇 

When you wore the clothes out there or even at home,  your body made contacts with either objects or people partially or maybe not but one thing is that you were exposed to the air out there.  Your car seat could be having a deposit of your previous little sweat and here you are leaning your back on the same seat and with just a little moist as your car’s air conditioner may not be reaching your back much.  Some diseases and infectious bacteria are logged up in different spots we can’t spot easily.

In all these forms of contacts, you stood a chance of contacting a skin diseases and some kind of infection.  At the beginning,  whatsoever skin health challenges you get may not be serious but perpetually wearing clothes more than once exposes you to lots of dangers.  Do you know that wearing the same cloth unwashed can lead to Eczema?  Now,  there are lots more out there more worse than eczema.  Watch it!!!

2. Clothes that makes movement hard: 

Are you the ‘fitted clothes’ type? This is for you definitely.  It is expedient that you learn to wear clothes that gives your body a little space to make movements easy while you go about your business for the day.

Your clothesHow is this life threatening?  

In cases of accidents,  tight clothes becomes an enemy to your survival struggle.  There are falls that are dangerous, that can lead to brain tumour when you land with the head unto a hard surface.  But,  wearing a cloth that gives your body some inches of space helps you have enough space to struggle than just fall like log of wood.  In your quest for fashion,  also think of safety.

3. Clothes with Lengthy extensions: 

Some creative designers have actually come up with lots of cloth designs that now have long extensions. In as much as these designs are not bad in this context,  I would like to say : “Know when to wear such, “.

Your clothes

In some cases of unforeseen circumstances,  many have been strangled by their own clothes. Just the same reasons why cloth extensions are not allowed in mechanical engineering worskshops, same for you in public settings. Anywhere there are movements, be more careful cause a car can move pass you and an extension from you dress gets hooked and ka-boom!  You get drawn along the road for nothing. Isn’t safety important for our well-being?

Do let me know what you think about our clothes having potentials of hurting us on a daily basis by commenting below.

Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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