3 Ways Twitter Ruined Donald Trump’s Presidency

Freedom of speech is great but it can ruin a political career when not cautioned

BURNSVILLE, MN - APRIL 15: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at a roundtable on the economy and tax reform at Nuss Trucking and Equipment on April 15, 2019 in Burnsville, Minnesota. At the special Tax Day roundtable Trump gave a defense of his 2017 tax cuts.(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)

Twitter just like every other social media platform gives its users an edge to air their views about life via what twitter calls “tweets”. It has been fun for twitter users from all parts of the world as many people for different reasons use the platform for different purposes best known to them .

Companies and top world organisations are not left out in the use of twitter because of how responsive in speed as regards tweet replies from a targeted handle it is. This is one of the reasons why banks use it to respond to customer feedback most times. But so far, twitter has been known for political missile shoots these day. It has gotten so heavy that most media houses such as CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, press TV and others would spend  hours on air discussing and analyzing a tweet made by a nation’s public office holder. For example, CNN on a daily basis almost discuss President Donald Trump’s tweets, analyze it and dish out their own opinions about it on air. This is how great social media has become as regards politics but then, for everything with an advantage, there is always a disadvantage.

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump is no doubt a very loyal user of Twitter who seems to be the one specifically handling his twitter handle @RealDonaldTrump. This conclusion is borne out of  evaluating the choice of words used in the Presidents tweets over the years as the No.1 citizen of the U.S . It is usually no different from his press speeches. Let’s see how the use of the tweeting platform has ruined his administration despite all the positive economic growth America is enjoying under his watch as President.

1. It Made Trump Look Childish:

Is Donald Trump as U.S President allowed to express how he feels? Yes! He is human after all but considering his office, he has expressed himself way too much out of line over the years and gave room for so much insults to himself and office of the President of the U.S.

2. Trump’s Tweet Tampers America’s glory:

Donald Trump has been known to be one President America has that tweets about every little thing and even stuffs that should somewhat be kept at confidential levels. He makes almost anything public. This has and is still bringing much shame to America’s historic glory of world power as many other nations are beginning to see America as a joke since her President would stay up all day on Twitter ranting about his own Country as though it is some sort of talk show business.

3. Trump’s Tweet Sends Wrong Messages Most Times:

One may wonder why Trump’s tweet has suddenly become a thing to discuss on air by news casting platforms like CNN. Despite the fact that CNN we all know is a pro-Democrat  and anti-Republican, Trump’s tweet most of the time sends a wrong message to even nations in other continents.  This is why CNN and others would dwell the negative and expose loopholes. Trump’s choice of words is way too irritating humanly speaking considering his office as President of the United states of America.

Social media is good but when over used without caution can cause lots of mess to a good work done over the years. Watch it.

Ike Ani: @https://mobile.twitter.com/OfficialIkeani Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.